Sunday, 31 October 2010

that was the week that was...

This week has been one I won't forget for a while! Two very good things have happened that will enhance the quality of life for all, especially those around me.

I'VE FOUND A JOB!  Yes, I have finally got me a job. How awesome is that? I am delighted!

OK, it's only a part-time, but that's OK...It is a start. I know I will impress and within a short space of time they will promote me. That's how it normally goes.

The second important event was the performance last night of Rebecca Ferguson on X Factor. (I know, how shallow)

One word of warning - if you are going to listen on your computer make sure you have additional speakers connected to do this song the justice it deserves. OK?

I am truly gobsmacked!  Completely bowled over with this most beautiful and haunting performance!

 Rebecca Ferguson's cover of Chris Isaaks "Wicked Game". (click link)


Oh what a voice! Anyway, no more adjectives required.

If Rebecca doesn't win it this year I vow to stop watching the programme... and that's not an idle threat!


  1. Why, oh, why do you watch X factor?!?!

    Congrats on the job!! Hope it goes well for you :) :)

  2. Baxie- Because every now and then a bit of quality appears like Leona Lewis and now Rebecca :) Pls click the link, it's not metal. I know but def worth listening to.

  3. Awesome news about the job! Part time is way better than no time, and can possibly lead to full time. Very happy for you! =]