Sunday, 3 October 2010

Terrorist Alert ; an open letter

Dear terrorists,

I would like to ask you to stop your hate filled and senseless campaign against the West, with immediate effect.

"Stop the killing"

You are wasting your time, effort, money and innocent lives on the wrong cause. Yes, the wrong cause.

I know you say you are angry with the West for many reasons - the main one being America's support for Israel.

According to you, that is, but I am not fooled by it. I believe, along with many other sensible people that the main reason  for you hatred is envy. Yes, pure and simple envy.

The lame excuse of America supporting Israel being your main gripe is utter bullshit. America and the rest of the West have to support Israel because you and your followers are hell-bent on destroying it! In fact you and your followers are hell-bent on destroying too many things, most noticeably;

western economies, innocent lives, civilisations (more advanced than yours), women's rights, children's rights, gay rights, animal rights, democratic rights, freedom of religious choice, to name but a few.

Does it not perturb you and your followers to know that it is all "destroy, destroy" instead of "improve, improve" ?

Does it not make you think that "destruction" is not conducive with "improving" life?

Or is the envy so powerfully ingrained in your minds that you lose all common sense and dignity?

I believe you would do better redirecting your efforts and skills to building better societies in the countries you represent! Now that, is a real necessity.

You see, we here in the West know what kind of societies you represent. Numerous reports reach us via the media on a daily basis. Terrorism, public executions, lack of human rights, lack of basic hygiene, lack of food, lack of fact a lack of most life-enhancing basic necessities. The only things you seem to have plenty of are corruption and terrorism. So why are you trying to impose on the West the very life-style so many of your people would dearly like to leave behind? It is a fact that much of your population would, and indeed do, relocate in search of better lives to the very countries your want to destroy!

Can you not see the irony in that? I'm sure you can.
You see terrorists, if you were to give up on this useless crusade (no pun intended) of trying to destroy the West, you would gain many friends and support from around the world. And with a bit of luck you would even gain the strength and support to remove your corrupt leaders and modernise your societies.

That's the way to create a win-win situation for everybody, don't you think? Much better than your chosen way of murdering men, women and children.

Here in the West, we have learned from history that the path to progress and prosperity comes from having a happy and well-cared for population. And to get that, governments need to be fair, law-abiding, honest and above all, democratic. It's not rocket science, is it? It's so bloody easy!

Do you really believe that you will ever win this so called "war" of yours?

Open your eyes and minds to the truth and common decency, not to the hate-filled bigoted leaders who preach hatred and holy war. There is no such thing as a holy war. It's all a figment of your poisoned imaginations.

So please stop inflicting pain in the world. Stop biting the hand that feeds you and instead work towards a better future for the forsaken people you think you represent.

Yours truly


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