Sunday, 30 January 2011

Still pulling in the crowds

Last night I attended a  gathering at my sister-in-law Nina's house to pay tribute to Paulo, on the first anniversary of his death.

life will never be the same without you

The house was packed to the rafters. Family and friends united for an evening of eating, drinking and a little weeping. Paulo used to love gatherings like these, when contact is re-established between family members who can't meet as often as they'd like, for reasons such as work and distance. Paulo would've been in his element.

The food was a feast of dishes created by the indefatigable Nina; 'bacalhau' fish cakes, prawns, salmon, chicken curry, lamb chops, ribs and a vast array of finger-foods too numerous to mention. The dessert that followed was just as impressive; apple turn-overs, pineapple cheesecake, chocolate sponge and an array of ice-cream.  Nina can feed an army without breaking into a sweat and often fed the 'armies' Paulo had no problem gathering.

Next week I move into an apartment less than a mile from Nina's house. She reminded me of how happy Paulo would've been to have me living so close by:  I remained silent. I didn't need to tell Nina how happy I would've been...




  1. Hard to comment on this without sounding saccharine. It sounds like a lovely celebration. I wonder if Paulo was there.

  2. I'm so sorry. I think you know there are no words beyond that, but it's true.

  3. Joe, I'm sure he would have been looking down and smiling. Hope you're ok, love from Spain. Xxx

  4. MLS; Thank you for your kind words.

    CI; I'd love to think you are right, and pls stay strong, it's the least we can do for the ones left behind x