Friday, 18 August 2017

Old Country, New Beginning - Part 1

April 9 - D Day

The last week's wait since Miss P left, took me back to my childhood. Then, the anticipation of a special event would turn into an unbearable wait, and time slowed down to a total standstill, only to flash by once there.

I boarded flight TP363 to Lisbon.

Lisbon - Docas by the bridge, a great place to enjoy lunch

Bacalhau (salted cod) is not just the preferred local fish, it is a national obsession. I'm happy with that.

Lisbon glowing at night. This first night's dinner was drowned by copious amounts of local wine. When in Portugal, it is almost impossible to pick the wrong wine from the menu. I'm yet to find a wine that does not please my palate. No, I don't have a problem with my aged taste buds!

Shaun joined us for a few days. He is particularly fond of the food, the wine, the beer, the weather, the city, the people... he will return.

My gorgeous granddaughter's first trip abroad! Visiting grandad's old stomping ground! How sweet is that?

Family breakfast at the Sana Lisboa Hotel with Katie and Scott

Street entertainment in Avenida Da Liberdade, one my favourite streets in Lisbon. This particular band, Trio Cadmira +1 are a great funk covers band

We headed north to the ancient walled town of Óbidos

where Miss P got into the GoT groove...

and the view from the restaurant of Pousada do Castelo Hotel added to the experience of days gone by.

From Óbidos we drove north to Portugal's second city, Porto, home of the world-famous fortified wine of the 
same name

While in the Porto region we visited vineyards...

 in the beautifully sculpted Douro valley...

and went to see Roberto Carlos in concert while in Porto. The famous Brazilian crooner, one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever ( 62 albums so far)  put on a brilliant show.

Porto is also home to the Lello bookshop, where J K Rowling found inspiration for her Harry Potter stories

The Lello Bookshop

The above took place during April 2017. The next blog will continue the  4 month journey thorough Central and Southern Portugal, Madeira Island, France and Brazil. 

Ciao for now

Sunday, 2 April 2017

To A New Beginning

It's good to be back!

Presently my life is undergoing a momentous change of direction, and it's nothing to do with the uncertainties brought about by Brexit or the Orange Leader's petulant intent to start WWIII.

It is all to do with the forthcoming 2-3 months of travelling with Miss P,  followed by a two year Music Academy Degree course, starting in September.

To say I'm simply 'excited' about the future is an injustice to feelings. I am f*%^ing over-the-moon!

While away from this page (18 months) my family increased with the addition of 2 more grand-children to join little Zack; they are Seth and Isabeau.

They are the cutest and sweetest babies ever, and I'm not saying it because they're my grandchildren. They just are.

Meanwhile, I've been busy working and recording music in preparation for the oncoming academy course, and even found time to play a gig at my local pub for friends and family.

My first gig back in the UK went well

Big bro was there to lend a hand with his sublime harmonies

I intend to post frequent reports of our travels as I want to keep a diary of what promises to be a trip of a life-time.

I will be in sunny climes, travelling and writing songs. Terrible hard work, I know, but someone's got to do it !

A sight-seeing journey interspersed with music, in the company of my beloved Miss P. Yessss!

We will spend half the time in Lisbon

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the new addition to the household!

CherryBot is being taught by Miss P to interact with us. Not exactly the pet cat I wanted'll have to do for now. At least we don't need to ask the neighbour to feed her while we're away and the place doesn't smell of cat-tray :)

CherryBot is as cute as she is clever

The journey starts next weekend.

Ciao for now!