Sunday, 28 July 2013

Contentious News of The Week

A few News items this week have grabbed my attention to the point I need to think about them and then express my views. I'm sure we all do it to a degree - comment on what's happening around us.

Despite my new found optimism and desire to not dwell on upsetting events (in fact I try to overlook them completely) some matters are not easy to ignore. Especially when they contravene human rights.


Over in the US, 15 year old Tuesday Cain, who in my opinion is a smart and free-thinking young lady, has come into unjust and vile criticism over her stance against anti-abortion and pro-lifers (the religious bigots who, ironically, normally support capital punishment and the right to bear arms, but not the right of women to choose).

Ms Cain penned the placard message her friend was to hoist  for all to see.

Controversial or just plain genius?

Tuesday is being unfairly ridiculed, offended and judged by the Religious Right bigots who apparently are followers of a man who asked his flock to be fair to all and not to judge others.

Damn cretins! I'd love to address them one day and spell out a few home truths.

Tuesday, keep up the good work and never let anyone silence you or deny you of your rights to express your views, especially when it comes to human rights. Those who attack you are the fools, the lambs-to-slaughter idiots who live by the words of ancient drug-using scribes that were commissioned by the church to write a book of rules. A book (The Bible) full of contradictions, misogynist propaganda and damn right lies.

Let the fools rant on girl, for they will run out of steam eventually and will go the way of the dinosaurs. Your views will remain and be carried forward by the intelligent and the rational majority.


Another recent video that almost made me weep was the following plea by 11 year old Yemeni girl Nada, who had to run away from parents intent on marrying her off to some older man. This beautiful and articulate little girl is highlighting an injustice that befalls so many innocent children who are unfortunate to be born into archaic societies with cultural habits that no civilized human should tolerate.

Watch Nada's attempts to explain the unjust situation she has to face on this Youtube Link

Don't you just want to take her home, protect her and give her the chance in life she deserves? I do. Her and all the other who need help.

Thanks to the power of social media, this video has had nearly 8 million views in a couple of weeks and prompted the government of The Yemen to reinforce their own laws against child marriage.


On a lighter note, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby - head of the Church of England - has spoken out against the parasitic pay-day loan companies whose offices are now in every high street.

Companies such as Wonga who charge exorbitant rates of interest on short-term loans to the people who have no other port of call. The vulnerable poor.

Akin to loan-sharks of the past, these companies have acquired, unjustly, some semblance of respect - and that is a huge social problem. Archbishop Welby wants to finance a project that enables the Church of England to provide loans to the most needy.

I can imagine possible slogans for the new Church Enterprise. Maybe "A Wad From God" or " Money From Heaven".

Just Justin

I don't know how you all feel about the church acting as money lenders but I for one agree wholeheartedly.

It is not the first time the Christian Protestants intervene against social injustices. Unlike the Vatican and all the rest.

I would appreciate your views, dear readers, for your views count more than you can possibly imagine.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Is Self-Imposed Social Exclusion a Sign Of Introversion?

Dear blog-friends,

please let me know what you think about the title of this post. I appreciate and welcome your comments.


I am going through a confusing phase regarding my current desire to spend time with my close family instead of going out in search of a possible partner and/or new friends.

After spending years socializing to the maximum limit of self-endurance...

I find myself presently opting to concentrate in work and time with my loving off-spring.


Mattie, Katie and Shaun

To the cynic among us, it may come across as an obvious attempt to make amends for past deeds and possible insufficient contact with those same people I now give all my time to - but I know differently.


My present life-style offers me unconditional freedom to do as I like, when I like.

My leisure time activity can be decided on impulse, without having to consult with anyone.

My income is sufficient to do what I want.

And, most importantly, I seldom refuse invitations to socialize. I simply do not pursue those opportunities as often as I could. Again, through choice.

All those who know me well enough, know that my three children have always been at the top of my list of priorities. I adore them and always have. They brighten up my life. They fill me with happiness and contentment. I love their company. And since they have grown up, they also fill me with enormous amounts of pride at the kind of people they have become.


Do I want to change? Do I need the hassle of getting to know someone new and have to adapt to the restrictions such a union would impose?

How I have managed to adapt to such a change in life-style is beyond me. I had no idea I was capable of coping with, and enjoying, such a contrasting life-change.

But I have.


Life is truly wonderful, especially when infrequent spells of loneliness...

...are so easy to endure.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Proof of Evolution not Even God-Believers Can Deny

When I'm in a conversation about Evolution versus Creation, I always bring in the topic of parasites and it usually brings the argument to a sudden conclusion - in my favour.

One would have to lack intelligence or common sense to ignore the facts of parasites emerging through evolution.

Listed below are a few that may induce nausea. If you are of a fragile disposition I advise you stop reading now.

Parasites, as we all know, are animals, bacteria, viruses and fungi that have evolved to live on/in a living host, more often than not causing serious health problems and even death.

If there were a Creator, he/she would have to be callous and vindictive to the point of insanity to come up with such horrendous and needless suffering-inducing plagues.

Here are a few:

The Loa Loa Worm lives in the human eye and causes countless cases of blindness around the world. The life-cycle of this parasite can only be completed by living and feeding off the hosts inner eye. 

God created? 

The V Cirrhosa is a kind of minuscule catfish that lives in ponds and rivers of south America. For an unsuspecting human who attempts to get in a water infested with these little critters, the result is that the V Cirrhosa will find and crawl into the penis and go on to feed on the internal organs causing an agonizing death. 

God created? 

The Cordyceps does not infect humans. Part of the weaponry of this fungus is mind-altering chemicals that will cause the host to act in a way that will bring it in close contact with as many tarantulas as possible in order to transfer the infection. 

God created? 

There are countless more, from head-lice spreading typhus to mosquitoes killing more humans than all wars combined.

Countless bacteria and viral infections decimating parts of the human population, day in day out.

God made? Or Evolution at play? 

What do you think?