Thursday, 28 November 2013

With Just A Sign, I'd Wait Forever

Your fragile beauty renders me speechless - longingly
Your delicate manner impels me to hold you - protectively
Your every word replays in my mind - constantly
Your elegant walk, freezes in my field of view - gracefully
Your diamond smile lights up my world - lusciously
Your sparkling eyes, like a warm moon-lit night, remain - invitingly


and as Mario Quintana once wrote, and I quote;

We are responsible for our actions
but not for our feelings.
We are culpable of what we do
but not of what we feel.
We can promise actions
but can not promise feelings,
for actions are birds in a cage,
and feelings are birds on the wing


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Condescending Piousness

Every so often FaceBook brings to my attention social issues that, if it weren't for this expansive forum, would likely go unnoticed.

This morning I stumbled across a post that almost brought a tear to my eye. It re-affirms my belief that humanity is on the right track and that the spirit of fraternity and benevolence amplifies with each new generation.

I know that for many years religious institutions, in particular Christian organisations, have helped feed and clothe the poor - but I have always detected a certain air of arrogance and condescending piousness from those dispensing aid that I dislike immensely. An "I am holier and wealthier than thou, and don't forget it" kind of attitude.

There is no condescending attitude with the Italian idea of "Suspended Coffee", for the simple reason it has no ulterior motive such as ingratiation.

The "Suspended Coffee" idea is based on an Italian goodwill tradition of those who can spare the cost of extra coffees when ordering theirs. Pre-paying.  An idea that is now spreading around Europe with more and more Cafes joining the scheme.

It was brought to my attention by a chap who was visiting his pal in Belgium. He noticed some people going to the counter to order their coffee and asking for two or more "suspended" ones. When he enquired of his friend what that was all about his pal said "wait and see".

Some time later a dishevelled and likely homeless old boy walked in and politely asked if he could have a "suspended" coffee. The waitress promptly served him the hot and comforting beverage that no doubt makes a huge difference to this destitute man's quality of life.

The dispensers of charity in this case remain anonymous and the recipients don't feel compelled or obligated to thank the donors. Genuine charity. I like that.

 I like that a heck of a lot.


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thirst That Can Not Be Quenched

Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you actually feel a sensation akin to a warm nervous tremor in your stomach every time you see or think about that person?

I hope you have.

And if you have, was the feeling mutual?

I hope it was...for your sake, for I doubt there is anything more gut-wrenching and frustrating than wanting someone who doesn't feel the same way about you.

It is a hunger that can not be sated.

Oh, the ultimate mental torture that is unrequited love!

Strange how medical science, despite its numerous achievements and advances over the last century, is still incapable of providing explanations to feelings and emotions such as love, longing, desire and attraction.

I believe that eventually science will be able to explain such emotions, and possibly even find a cure for what is commonly referred to as matters of the heart. Matters of the mind would be a more appropriate description. Sadly, such a breakthrough is not likely happen soon.

I see your name everywhere, everyday, in a nondescript name tag and in the lines of my poem...

"  Bring forth the end of your eternal absence and
   Embellish my existence with your sparkling presence
   Light up the darkness of my Autumn days
   Light up the flickering embers in my hearth
   And allow my boundless affection safe passage into your heart"


Sunday, 3 November 2013

News In The Cold Light of Day

A Japanese chef cooked and served his own genitals!

Mao Sugiyama, a self-described asexual cook from Tokyo, marinated and cooked his todger and served it to five diners at a posh banquet last month.

Sugiyama's Tweet last April caused controversy when he posted "I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes and scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen.Will prepare and cook as the buyers requests"

There's me thinking Coq Au Vin was a French dish!

From The New Zealand Guardian Feb 3 2004, concerning a sign seen in a Police canteen in Christchurch, New Zealand: 
'Will the person who took a slice of cake from the Commissioner's Office return it immediately. It is needed as evidence in a poisoning case."

Whilst on the subject of poison,Syria has decommissioned its Chemical Arsenal...

Arsenal got trounced 2-0 by Chelsea...

...Chelsea Clinton is no longer camera-shy (yiipee! One more celeb for GB to study), unlike her dad Bill...

Bill Gates offers lifeline to Spanish Construction giant, FCC, by buying into the company and helping with the economic recovery of the country. Bill, the billionaire philanthropist, does more to help humanity than all the world religions put together, and apparently, unlike religions, with no ulterior motives. Bill has taken to studying the human condition and so adds another feather to his cap - Anthropology...

Anthropologist extraordinaire Gorilla Bananas, continues to amuse all who venture into his world at The Japing Ape blog, with his humour and uncanny simian ability to make sense of senseless humans...

Humans will overrun the planet by 2050! According to author Dan Brown's latest novel, Inferno, (half way through as I write) the future is rather bleak as Earth struggles to accommodate an inevitable human population explosion. I'm not sure why I've decided to read Dan's latest offering, but I say, somewhat coyly, I am a fan of his. I find his novels light-hearted but entertaining and I especially like the way he threads fiction through History...

History repeats itself more often than I like. It appears that President Obama may have forgotten to tell the NSA (National Security Agency) bosses that the Cold War is over and that it is extremely rude to snoop on your friends.

Angela? Why?

With freunde like that who the hell needs feinde??

Come back Bill, all is forgiven.