Thursday, 28 November 2013

With Just A Sign, I'd Wait Forever

Your fragile beauty renders me speechless - longingly
Your delicate manner impels me to hold you - protectively
Your every word replays in my mind - constantly
Your elegant walk, freezes in my field of view - gracefully
Your diamond smile lights up my world - lusciously
Your sparkling eyes, like a warm moon-lit night, remain - invitingly


and as Mario Quintana once wrote, and I quote;

We are responsible for our actions
but not for our feelings.
We are culpable of what we do
but not of what we feel.
We can promise actions
but can not promise feelings,
for actions are birds in a cage,
and feelings are birds on the wing



  1. I always thought that it was very unfair of Christ to relate feelings to character since character often means acting nobly in spite of feeling hateful, greedy, lustful, and etc.

    Oftentimes, when you write of how you feel in the presence of feminine beauty--which, I think, you see as angelic--it makes me glad that age--I suppose--has made it possible for me to think--most of the time anyway--of women as, after all, being nothing more than people. Thinking of them as more than that was, for upwards of six decades, the bane of my existence because it led me to project abilities upon them that they couldn't have possibly realized even if they had tried.

    1. Snow, to some I may appear to be exaggerating when describing the awe I feel for feminine beauty, but I am genuinely besotted with beautiful women. An old colleague of mine used to say "If God invented anything better than women He kept it all for himself"...and I for one, concur wholeheartedly :)

    2. I never think you're exaggerating.

  2. You words make me wish you'd given us a more complete picture of the beauty which moved you so. Can we infer from your second poem that you have kept your actions under control?

    1. Oh yes, Mr Bananas. The possibility of making her feel uncomfortable knowing how I feel keeps me well shtum. I wish I could publish a complete photo of her - she is adorable and very beautiful. I reckon even you would agree, despite her lack of fur and floor-sweeping knuckles :)