Saturday, 15 February 2014

Facta, Non Verba

This week, social media has been buzzing with the age-old controversial matter of some public figures who have decided to "come out".

Actress Ellen Page's inspirational and emotional speech is doing the rounds on Facebook...

and Michael Sam, to name but a few...

...of the many celebrities who, despite living in modern and civilized societies, still feel the need to announce their sexual preferences in public. It's as if these people have something criminal to confess. They haven't.

This troubles me. A great deal.

Why should anyone, celebrity or not, feel the need to inform the public of their intimate preferences? Is it any one's business?

Why should so many organizations and pressure groups protect and promote the rights of so many minority groups at the expense of other just-as-worthy causes?

Surely, the better option is for all rights groups to merge and work together for the common good.

Strength in numbers.

After all, human rights issues should not be fragmented, diluted, dispersed and separated form each other. We should join forces with all rights groups and create one, multifaceted global movement to promote Human Rights. Unconditional human rights.

We already have the International Court Of Human Rights in Geneva. An organization that would undoubtedly welcome the "coming together" instead of the "coming out" of all human rights pressure groups.

Better still, all Human and Animal Rights.

The rights of gay and lesbian people are no more important than starving children's rights. Or the absent rights of millions of women and children displaced by wars caused by avaricious and megalomaniac men.

How about the rights, or lack of, of so many young girls in cultures that award them less rights than livestock?

Should anyone be so single-minded as to fight against inequality of one kind and not the other? Isn't that promoting a shattered society? Care for some but not for the masses?

If I were a celebrity would I need to announce my preferences in public? Would I need to pronounce my undying preference for women? Especially beautiful ones? Petite and feminine? Hell, no. It would bore the pants off most people if I did so.

But since they're all at it, I may as well come out and show you a photo of my unerring preference...

Tania, a friend from Madeira, graciously exhibits all of my preferences

The danger I foresee with this "coming out" modern phenomena is the marginalization and trivialization of other serious human conditions.

Let's all get together for the rights of all creatures who inhabit our wonderful and diverse planet.

And as the title suggests, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I'd appreciate your views on this subject - please leave a comment.