Thursday, 30 September 2010

some are never satisfied...

...with what nature (or God, if you're that way inclined) has given them.  Cosmetic surgery is on the up - probably the only growth sector in all the western economies. From breast enhancements to chin tucks, face-lifts to vaginal sculpting, penis enlargement to ear tucks, anal bleaching to lipo-suction, the list is endless and growing day by day. Where will it all end?

There are rumours going around that Cher has had so many face lifts she now has a beard! (figure that one out)  I'm not one to criticise "body reshaping", It's not for me (I'm almost perfect ;)) but, I guess there are some people that definitely need a bit of help.

before                                               after

Even I have to admit Cher looks better now! I can't see any facial hair around her chin! Photoshop job I reckon!

But when things go wrong...

before                                                                        after

And to think it cost her more than the whole of the third world debt! I could have done the work for a fraction of the fee. I've got a hammer and hacksaw and am a dab hand at carving the sunday roast!

And then there are some people that seem to have been blessed with qualities most of us could only dream of. She never needs to ask "does my butt look big in these?"...

'oh god, is that  a hole?'

...and I bet this guy trained all his life for a good reason. It can't be for career purposes, no way!

'guess what I do when I'm lonely?'

Ew! And with that hair around his mouth as well! Coincidence? I doubt it.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dancing boys (Bacha bazi) - Afghanistan's hidden sickness.

I had the extreme displeasure of watching the documentary "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" last night on More4 and feel compelled to comment.

The documentary uncovers  the "Bacha Bazi" (boy-play) practice, where young boys, some as young as 11, are sold by their impoverished parents to so-called "agents" ( pimps) to be groomed and trained to dance, in women's clothes, and for the entertainment of  "men".

Usually the more prominent and powerful men in Afghanistan. Yes, for "male" entertainment! Yes, in a Muslim culture, where homosexuality is condemned!

Under the Taliban, this form of 'entertainment' was forbidden, but now it is once again spreading due in part to the authorities turning a blind eye and/or even participating.


The boys are effectively slaves - they dance their effeminate routines and are then taken "for the night" by whoever can pay the fee. In a country supposedly so Islamist and well used to strict Sharia Law, it is unbelievable how this vile practice can even exist.

To make matters worse, if that's possible, the men (the filthy scum) that take part in this practice, unashamedly boast to the camera on how many "boys" they have been with! And these scum-bags are married men with children! These are also the men (warlords) who stone women to death for adultery! What on earth do they call what they are doing? What do they call sexually abusing little boys?

It makes my  blood boil. Why do I have to share the air I breathe with these disgusting backward pigs? How on earth can Afghanistan move forward with this kind of filth ingrained in its culture?

And there's me thinking I had seen it all with the Chechnya kidnapped brides!  I was so wrong!

No doubt there will be more shocking revelations in future from the obscure and backward nations of this world.

And to think that some of our soldiers are getting killed, on duty, trying to bring stability, peace and civilisation to the barren land of Afghanistan!..what a cruel waste of time...


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

this time today, many many years ago...

...a little boy was born to mum & dad  Mr and Mrs P.  He was the second child (boy) and we will name him Peartree Jr, to maintain anonymity.

Jr doing what he did best...

Peartree Jr was a happy, contented baby. Never one to moan or cry about anything (amazing how things change!) and to all intents and purposes, a 'normal' child.

He loved his food and soon piled on the pounds (which were promptly shed in infancy) and has ever since looked more like a runner bean than a man...not the colour, of course, just the outline.

Peartree Jr was a smart kid, always at the top of the class, and, to some, wrongly considered to be the "teachers pet".

can I go toilet Sir?

Mr & Mrs P decided to emigrate from Portugal to the UK when Jr was 12 years old. A decision that didn't go down too well at the time. Jr didn't speak English, but was thrown into a secondary school in Portobello, London,  full of hooligans and foreigners. He felt so isolated  that he used to have a daily routine of locking himself in the school toilet for half an hour and have a good cry. It was tough for Peartree Jr for a while. Even with a loving family and happy home he still felt out-of-place and homesick. That is, until he mastered the new language...about 18 months after arrival.

Peartree Jr was on form, excelled in his school work and was rewarded with  "best school report" on his 3rd year!  The prize was a £2 W H Smith voucher, which was invested in a Parker ball pen. Well you can imagine Mr & Mrs P's reaction. Proud as peacocks! Mr P carried Jr's report in his pocket for the next 6 months, showing it to anyone who gave him the time.

But Peartree Jr's early achievement backfired! You see, like so many teenage boys, Jr thought he knew it all! He thought homework was an unnecessary interruption to his daily life and decided not to bother. He was far too busy with his favourite past time of chasing girls and playing guitar.

Music was the passion for Peartree Jr. So much so that he didn't care much for regular work. Employment  was an  annoying  necessity that took too much of his time. Peartree Jr would dream of  making it big in the music industry and believed it was only a matter of time before his name hit the music press.

Peartree Jr met up and worked with Trevor Murrell, great drummer then working with George Michael and Kim Wilde, to name but a few.  Things were looking pretty good with the demo, an Australian singer was recruited, Debbie Thompson, and Trevor Murrell was ready to promote the first album. On Trevor's advice  a cover version was planned as the first single, on the pretext that it is easier for a new act to launch a known cover than an original work.The choice of song was not to Peartree Jr's liking but, once again  he had no choice but to go along with it. You know, established musician knows best type of thing.

The week before Trevor was due to fly to LA with the demo, Peartree Jr was driving to work when he heard the very same cover song, released by another band. Sick coincidence or what? A band from Manchester, The Brand New Heavies, had just released the same bloody song! "Midnight at the Oasis".

Needless to say  the project had to be put on hold. Peartree Jr was devastated and decided enough was enough, sold off the musical equipment and decided to work on his career. After all he was not getting any younger and needed some stability in his life.

A major event disrupted Peartree Jr's life again. This time it was the death of his youngest brother Danny, who died tragically in a car accident.

Peartree Jr found himself once again finding refuge in the toilet and having a good cry...this time for a much more serious matter. Life would never be quite the same again.

It was time to change direction for Peartree Jr. He found himself questioning life and its meaning. Nothing  made sense for a very long time after that... and the long journey from "indoctrinated" to "agnostic" began. was time to concentrate on work. so not Jr!

Nothing much happened after that for Peartree Jr. Life became a routine of work and family and time rushed by at a frightening rate of knots... until 3 years ago.

Peartree Jr decided it was time for a change of direction. The house was sold, packed in his job and off he went to his spiritual home in Portugal. A hasty new life was started with little  preparation.  Peartree Jr bought a 32 foot twin engined fishing boat with the idea of starting a sports fishing business (fishing being another one of Jr's passions) and started a new chapter in his life.

After a few setbacks with boat problems and lack of cash, Jr decided to return to the UK. Simple choice really. Time away had taught Jr a lesson or two and also that home is where the heart is - in his case, the UK. 

The untimely death of Peartree Jr's other younger brother to a brain aneurysm, struck another massive blow. From having 3 brothers to just one seemed so unjust, so cruel so senseless. Both younger brothers had gone and taken a huge chunk off Peartree Jr's armour. The journey from "agnostic" to "atheist" gathered momentum.

Back in the UK , looking for work has proved a real downer for Jr. He thought it would be much easier to find work. Peartree Jr will never give up, there's so much more to do. He still has many beloved  people in his life and a lot to look forward to. "Live life as if it is your last day" is his motto, because it may be...

September 28 - Birthday time! Here is Peartree Jr suited and booted for his special day.

Life seems to have gone  full circle in a way for Peartree Jr. He is presently back to his old habit of locking himself in the toilet and having a good cry...this time, and again, for a very different reason.


Sunday, 26 September 2010

and another murder goes unpunished...

. the good ol' conservative state of Virginia, USA.

State governor Bob McDonnell (Republican) must be feeling proud to be the first governor since 1912 to authorise the state-killing of a woman prisoner. Grandmother and long-term mental illness sufferer Theresa Lewis was executed by lethal injection for arranging the murders of her husband and step-son.

State endorsed murder of the first degree that will go unpunished...well, not quite. This evil act will come back to haunt those responsible. Killing the sick instead of attempting to cure them is not the way forward for civilised societies.

The irony of this tragic abuse of basic human rights is that the men who actually carried out the killings were caught but spared the death penalty!

Is there any difference between the actions of the state of Virginia (76%Christian) and the vilified justice of the Taliban (100% Muslim)? I can't see any. If there is, please enlighten me.

Theresa Lewis                        the evil tools of the trade

How can this barbaric act be carried out by so called Christians - New Testament followers? The famous words of  Jesus "let he who is free of sin cast the first stone" sadly doesn't apply to the butchers of Virginia.

And where was President Obama? He could have intervened but chose not to! Clearly doesn't mind a bit of blood in his hands. I have lost all respect for the man - he doesn't have the balls to back his convictions.
The USA will never be taken seriously by the civilised world societies until it abolishes Capital Punishment in all its states. Until then, the US will be associated with the barbaric and archaic states that are also its enemies. Oh my...the irony of it all...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Quality self-photography? Yeah, with just a Samsung S-5230 phone!

If the old saying " a bad workman always blames his tools" is anything to go by, then here is a case of "basic tools doing a great job"!  Just take a  look at  the quality photos Madeleine takes of herself with nothing more than a Samsung S5230 mobile phone!
I am not here to advertise Samsung products (mind you...I need an upgrade)  but to praise Madeleine's skill and beauty.

Cool pics or what? 

 ...and this is "yours truly"!  Yes, my very own self-portrait!   Maybe not as glamorous, but then...I own a Sony Ericsson...obviously not a suitable tool for the difficult job of capturing so much beauty with just a mere 2 mega pixels!  :)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Welcome to the all new... "Weekly Awards"

With so much absurdity and stupidity all around us at any given time, I have decided it a good idea to channel my anger on a more positive way. Hence the all new "Turd Of The Week" award.

I know it will be both difficult and time consuming to choose between so many candidates (especially with the abundance of celebs and politicos trying their hardest) but it will be worth it! For me anyway!

I would be very pleased if you, my cherished readers, could contribute via the comments section and maybe even give me some suggestions.

This weeks winner, in my opinion, could go on to win numerous awards. He is constantly making a fool of himself and irritating the crap out of me. He is a tin-pot leader struggling to remain in power and is following Hitler's method of finding a common enemy to galvanise support. He is a deceitful and manipulative opportunist who can, given half a chance, bring chaos and war to the Middle East. He needs to be stopped, and soon, hopefully by his own people. He carries the torch of  Islam as a means of justifying suppressing his people and offending other nations.

His day will come, I have no doubt about it. He will be held accountable one day soon - I can't see him drawing a pension and retiring peacefully. The longer he stays in power the more the damage to his country's reputation. Meanwhile, the rest of the world  waits with baited breath....

...and the winner is.....for the pathetic speech blaming the USA for attacking itself on 9/11...

The President of Iran;

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Please tune in next week for another go :)

Monday, 20 September 2010

When justice is tainted by revenge, not only the poor and the sick suffer

I have always been against Capital Punishment. I remember always feeling disgusted and angry whenever an execution took place somewhere around the world. I still do! Images of public beheadings in Asia and the electric chair in America still invoke feelings of despair in my sensitive being.  The worst possible nightmare scenario must be when an innocent is executed. It's irreversible and against basic human rights.

I became a member of Amnesty International long ago and believed that doing so would help change the world. Ah, the aspirations of the young!  I mean that "third" of the world that still persists in executing some of it's criminals. That "third" of the world truly shackled to the past when it comes to all matters judicial. That "third" of the world that stubbornly believes Capital Punishment is a deterrent! That same "third" of the world that is clearly "third world" when it comes to Law.  I associate the death penalty with times-gone-by,  when life was cheap and death accepted as an everyday occurrence. Capital punishment is not a deterrent and never has been! All the statistics from the UN, Amnesty Int'l  and other human rights organizations prove beyond doubt the futility of the death penalty. If it's not a deterrent, then it must be an act of revenge! Pure and simply - revenge.

Below (the brown shaded area) is the "Map Of Shame" of the countries that believe two wrongs make a right. The countries that still kill people for killing people.

With the exception of Belarus (who?) Europe has long since abolished Capital Punishment. Why then does the UN still tolerate this evil barbaric practice in a third of the world? 

Only three industrialised democracies still have the death penalty. The USA, Japan and South Korea. 

The USA? Incredible! But the US has one of the highest murder rates in the world! Clearly not a deterrent there. In fact it is  not a deterrent anywhere.

Why not lock up the worst criminals forever, if necessary, and make them work their arse off to pay back society? Isn't that a better way? To make matters worse, 10% of all the inmates on death row in the States are suffering from mental illnesses! The rest are poor and can't afford the right lawyers.

Aren't civilised nations supposed to cure the sick? How can killing be justified?

 "Don't do as I do, do as I tell you"

Not since the Nazi war have the sick been helped to die at the doctors door.

I will end this rant with the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi on revenge.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"


Saturday, 18 September 2010

My cousin and the Pope

You all know my views on world religion by now - but every-so-often I feel obliged to speak positively about "The Faith", to redress the balance, so to speak.

My cousin Tito Pereira, a science teacher and deacon of the catholic church, was awarded the privilege of assisting the papal mass this morning in Westminster Abbey and also meeting the Pope. To some it may not mean much, but to Tito it is undoubtedly one of the highlights of his Christian life.                                      
It is  recognition for the good work he does in spreading the word, whilst respecting others, like myself, who do not share his beliefs.

Tito is a much loved member of the family and an exemplary figure adored by his pupils and friends alike.  He is honest in his unshakable belief in God but also open-minded enough to question many aspects of the doctrine and the scriptures. Here he is behind Pope Benedict XVI

The closest a Pereira has ever got to the Pope!

Congratulations Tito, you deserve it.  I look forward to another in-depth debate and a beer when we next meet...

Friday, 17 September 2010

Birthday memories

My birthday is imminent!  My wish-list is being printed and you will all receive a copy in due course! Almost a year since the last one... Madeleine and I were in the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, some 950 Kms south west of Portugal, to celebrate in peace, my milestone birthday. This one will be very different, in the grey autumnal setting of Buckinghamshire, miles from a beach and further still from the warm sun.
 Madeleine and I minutes after arriving..

It was a couple of days of romantic walks, frolicking on the beach and excellent food and beer. I would have topped up my tan if it weren't for that rug covering my manly chest.

Madeleine just after her swim...I can tell by the hair!

Nice bikini! We also hired a quad-bike for a bit of sightseeing. I was keen on going to the remote and inaccessible interior to ... at one with nature?

my hell's-angels look...

I did my best to ensure I stayed well hydrated, of course, even though the temperature was only around 23 centigrade. It was an easy thing to do. The beer (Coral) was tasty and chilled to perfection. I did have to keep stopping every 15 minutes or so for physiological reasons...

hard to believe, but I was inconspicuously hydrating the bush...

We will return someday, to the unspoilt tranquility of this beautiful island. Friendly and crime-free, it's my idea of heaven.

gentle and tranquil - Porto Santo

By the way, Porto Santo's claim to fame is that Christopher Columbus lived there for some years after marrying the governors daughter. One of 5 islands in the Archipelago of Madeira, Porto Santo is often overlooked in favour of Madeira, the main island. Just as well, it remains unspoilt as a result. But being such a small island, some 42 square kilometres and dry, it still offers some stunning views...

...gorgeous Madeleine
Until next time...


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A humble retraction

Following on from my previous somewhat vitriolic post, I would like to state that I DO NOT CONDONE  rowdy or violent protests against the Pope or anyone else for that matter.

In this particular case there is little need or justification!  Anyone who doesn't want to see or hear him should simply stay away. Vote with your feet!  After all  this is a democracy and if we sometimes allow suspected terrorists, despots and criminals entry, then why not the Pope?  I don't agree with discrimination of any kind.

There is also a good chance the pontiff will deliver a message of reconciliation and peace. He should. That's the very least I expect


When the blind follows the blind

...yes, you can kiss my ring
The country prepares for the imminent visit of a foreign head of state!  A controversial head of state.

A man of undemocratic beliefs who presides over a society shrouded in secrecy and fear of reprisal.

A man who, in his previous post, concealed crimes of sexual abuse against countless children across the globe.

A man who is still to apologise for the said heinous crimes committed by some of his ambassadors.

A man shackled to the past and imprisoned by dogma and superstition.

A man who single-handedly causes widespread misery and death with his edicts on contraception and morality.

A man so detached from his followers that he can not understand reality and what it is like to raise a family - he has no wife or children.

A man who invites into his inner circle known Holocaust deniers and other faceless fascists.

A man who encourages divisiveness and conflict by spreading homophobia and religious intolerance.

A man who controls, manipulates and brainwashes his followers as if they were his personal possessions.

A man who should serve, not be served.

No... no no, it is not Robert Mugabe ! But I can see why you would think so. The similarities are endless, I know.

 I refer to the Bavarian Pope,  Herr Josef Ratzinger - aka "Head of  State - The Vatican"

And for the "privilege" of this visit, the taxpayer foots the bill, £12 million.

Rant over...I feel much better :)


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Apparently it's "because I'm a guy"

I've been a man for most of my life, obviously, (I was a boy before that)  and I never realized that being a male explained so many aspects of my character and surroundings!
It all started a couple of years ago with Madeleine, my beloved gf, when upon commenting on how I adore kissing her silky-smooth cheeks ,she replied -'that's because you're a guy!'

Soon after that startling revelation, I remember saying I didn't like cucumber very much, in sandwiches or salad. Madeleine's reply was delivered with such sincerity that I was instantly convinced of it's merit- 'That's because you're a guy!'


(I have since found out that cucumber is a favoured smell with women and is often used in deodorants, perfumes and shower gel. Yes, I admit to reading girly magazines... sometimes.)

On another occasion I was in the bedroom watching telly and heard a piercing loud shriek from the bathroom that made my heart miss a beat! Madeleine screamed.I ran to her aid as fast as I could.

'What's up love?' I asked.
'It's a huge spider...look...up there on the ceiling' stuttered Madeleine, horror etched in her face.
'Where?.. I can't see a spider'  I replied, squinting hard, trying to focus on the tiny grey blob on the ceiling.
'There!..can't you see it, it's huge...look at the legs... moving!' cried Madeleine.
'Oh...yes... I see it'  I said as I smacked the spider off the ceiling with my flip-flop.

'Madeleine, why do you scream when you see a spider?'
'Because I'm  scared of them, obviously...duh !'.
'Ok, I don't like them much either but you don't hear me scream'
'That's because you're a guy.'

So, there you have it! Philosophy in the making.

Some people say "that's how it is" others say "it's God's will" but Madeleine says "that's because............

Saturday, 11 September 2010

9/11 - Where was He ?

I would like to pay my respects to the thousands of innocent people of all persuasions, who were slaughtered on September 11, 2001 in New York, and their loved ones.  Apparently an act, some say, in the name of God. was also the  day when a part of humanity collapsed, along with the towers, to it's lowest depths

...and the day when depraved men, driven by hatred and jealousy, callously culled 2,800 people

...the day extremist religion demonstrated, it's deadly and devilish power

...and the day when the Muslim world lost most of it's support

...the day bigots from other religions rejoiced at the prospect of the backlash against Islam

...and the day ignorance and superstition struck a fatal blow to the world
...and most importantly, a day when all good people around the globe wept in shame, at the evil some men do.

So often, when  mankind faces it's toughest hurdles...
                           the milk of human kindness curdles...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Justin Bieber and The Koran

I have to comment on today's news regarding the two most searched for topics in cyberworld;

Justin Bieber and The Koran!  What a combo!

What on earth is "red-neck" pastor Terry, the conservative  mid-west bigot, trying to do?  Why is he so keen to spread hatred and divisiveness by wanting to burn The Koran in public? Who is this freak? Who's order does he think he is following? And who the f_ _k does he think he is speaking for?
And he calls himself a man of God!  An idiot old fart with the brain of a gnat, comes to mind.

He should repent and be forced to burn "The Dreadful Trilogy" - the Christian Bible, Hebrew Bible and the Koran - and then return to hill-billy land, to his wife and sister (probably the same woman)... and have his gonads ripped to shreds by a pack of hungry coyotes (he'd probably enjoy that, but poor coyotes).

No no, seriously, I do not condone violence, especially the religiously inspired kind :)

Justin Bieber;  Popular fresh-faced young singer, brings unity and happiness to millions across the globe.

The Koran;   Popular old-world  myth, can bring violence subjugation and prejudice when misinterpreted - just like the Hebrew and Christian Bibles!

It's scary to think that two thirds of humanity still live by and believe in, ancient man-made scriptures.

Why don't the masses believe in the greatest human minds - the scientists?  Those same scientists who have laboured tirelessly to enlightened us with knowledge and understanding...
...who have invented medicines that prolong life
...and technology that keeps us warm and entertained
...and have proved the evolution of all species
...and decoded the human genome
...and took man to the moon and beyond
...and have explained life and carbon dated the planet
...and are desperately trying to discover cures to all illnesses!

And what good is religion doing?  I rest my case.

Why oh why do the masses believe in the nameless ancient scribes but not the named and famed scientists? Is it because most (if not all) scientists are Atheists?   If so, why do they think that is so? Is it not obvious?

The greatest thinkers in history were Atheists - FACT

Rant over... I feel better now, but not much


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Religiously Inspired Terror...

...these are the powerful words used in the recent TV documentary “The God Delusion” by Prof. Richard Dawkins that have prompted me to put pen to paper, once again, on this most destructive and enduring human disease we call religion.

Those of you who watched this program will no doubt be more enlightened by the awe-inspiring view on this very human 'cancer' we call Faith. I certainly am, both enlightened and more determined than ever to expose the fallacy and superstitious dogma of religion.

Faith is belief without reason; belief in Bronze Age myths and superstitions created by man’s need for meaning and used to control others through conformity. Religion has survived by keeping its followers in a state of permanent infancy while destroying its opponents in the process. Faith is, not questioning the Devine. Faith is acceptance of the myth as fact when scientific evidence exists to the contrary. That is so anti-learning and anti-knowledge that it defies reason!

The three ‘great’ religions of Islam Christianity and Judaism continue to dismiss the theory of evolution, even though there is evidence that evolution is a fact and indeed still taking place! They also continue to believe that the world is 5000 years old, when science has proved, by carbon-dating technology, that the earth is 4.5 billion years old! Religion continues to believe that high intelligence and empathy are strictly human characteristics! But most dangerous of all, extremist religion continues to victimise and vilify other religions, homosexuality, and all women, with a blind fervour and hatred that knows no bounds! Religion is the ultimate control-freak.

What good has come from religion, I ask? Morals, you may say? I say no. Definitely not. What is moral about encouraging the murder of non-believers such as the ‘fatwa’s’ of Islam or the Christian Crusades? Morals are not religious edicts but simply evolutionary processes to strengthen social groups. Moral codes exist in animal groups such as chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, meerkats and many others. Different to our morals may be, but morals nonetheless.

Would there have been a 9/11 without religion? Or even the Holocaust? Or the Spanish Inquisition? How about the other countless atrocities and genocides - too many to mention - that stain human history with the blood of innocents? I very much doubt it. Scientific studies by the World Health Organisation state that the humble mosquito is responsible for more human deaths, through malaria, than any other illness or war, but I dispute that. I say religion is the biggest killer and anyone who wants to argue that fact, please forward me your statistics and I will reply with mine.

As the American physicist and Nobel Prize Winner Steven Weinberg once said, and I quote;

"With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion”

Accurate and simple, and yet describes the illogical motives for the atrocities committed under the guise of religion. It is disturbing to think that murderous actions are still taking place under the false guise of holy war.

“March on secular soldiers” - humanity needs you more than ever.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

celebrity bash - Part II

What is going on lately in the minds of certain sportsmen that make them cheat on their partners with dodgy looking prostitutes? The press has been having a field day ever since Tiger Woods indiscretions. I confess to being baffled, especially when their partners are so good looking and the pros are so soooo ugly!

Wayne Rooney, with the face of a bull dog chewing wasps, and with a beautiful wife, decides to pay thousands of pounds to prostitutes!

same applies to bean sprout Peter Crouch and his lovely girlfriend Abbey…?!?!

and how about Ashley Cole with the stunning Cheryl…?!?!

How do they do it? How can they do it? Anyone have a clue?

This is a far more complex topic than religion!

Please enlighten me.

CONSpiracy theories = cons

Of all the nonsense I have ever heard, a particular conspiracy theory over the twin towers has to be the worse. I refer to the one about Jewish workers receiving prior warning to the incident and staying away from work that fateful day.
How ridiculous the assumption that Al Qaeda would somehow chose to pre-warn Jews but not the many Muslim workers that were killed! Since when have Al Qaeda protected Jews, their sworn enemies?

Most conspiracy theories are started and spread by paranoid, vindictive, low-life media and web geeks too stoned and stupid to realize the hurt their rumours can cause – and the rest are produced by envious bigots, political point-scorers and social-climbers.

Conspiracy Theories are nothing more than stupid rumours.

Conspiracy Theories can cause serious harm to civilised societies, by twisting the truth.

Conspiracy Theories are from extremists and the gullible - for extremists and the gullible.

My message to these cretins is simple; get a f*&$£%g life if you have the brains and character to do so…but somehow, I doubt it. I guess I’ll have to learn to ignore them!

Rant over, I feel so much better now

Can't see the wood for the trees...

Hello, I’m back after a short break (self-imposed exile) from all things computer!

Refreshed somewhat and glad to announce I have a second interview to attend, YEAHHH, another bite at the cherry, for the job I want so badly. I will let you know how it goes. I have that confident look, don’t I?
Seriously though, I am going through a difficult time, both emotional and financial. I am positive, that’s in my character, but I’m finding it harder and harder to put on a brave face lately. You see, I expected to return to the UK (my spiritual home) and immediately find work, accommodation etc. but it hasn’t quite worked out that way. The job situation is pretty dire at the moment, resulting in me getting only 2 interviews in as many months. The more interviews the better the chance of landing a job. The stress of the situation is getting to me and Madeleine. We are in urgent need of a place of our own, even though my relatives are doing all they can to make us feel comfortable. I thank them dearly for that. Anyway, no point harping on about it…
I also miss my regular weekend gigs at Moynihan's, the Irish bar in Madeira. I played there for two years and enjoyed every minute of it - especially when the place would fill up with friends and relatives.

Conclusion;  as above photo, but only temporary.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

absent without leave...

...that's what I am. I have been away from all things modern (no Internet), stuck in  a time warp, and unable to blog . ARGHHHHHHH  Total Isolation.  No, I'm not in prison, thank you, simply away for a few more days. I have even started reading Tolstoy's "War and Peace" for something to do (no access to other books either). I am however writing some very interesting posts to publish next week. x