Thursday, 30 September 2010

some are never satisfied...

...with what nature (or God, if you're that way inclined) has given them.  Cosmetic surgery is on the up - probably the only growth sector in all the western economies. From breast enhancements to chin tucks, face-lifts to vaginal sculpting, penis enlargement to ear tucks, anal bleaching to lipo-suction, the list is endless and growing day by day. Where will it all end?

There are rumours going around that Cher has had so many face lifts she now has a beard! (figure that one out)  I'm not one to criticise "body reshaping", It's not for me (I'm almost perfect ;)) but, I guess there are some people that definitely need a bit of help.

before                                               after

Even I have to admit Cher looks better now! I can't see any facial hair around her chin! Photoshop job I reckon!

But when things go wrong...

before                                                                        after

And to think it cost her more than the whole of the third world debt! I could have done the work for a fraction of the fee. I've got a hammer and hacksaw and am a dab hand at carving the sunday roast!

And then there are some people that seem to have been blessed with qualities most of us could only dream of. She never needs to ask "does my butt look big in these?"...

'oh god, is that  a hole?'

...and I bet this guy trained all his life for a good reason. It can't be for career purposes, no way!

'guess what I do when I'm lonely?'

Ew! And with that hair around his mouth as well! Coincidence? I doubt it.

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