Thursday, 9 September 2010

Justin Bieber and The Koran

I have to comment on today's news regarding the two most searched for topics in cyberworld;

Justin Bieber and The Koran!  What a combo!

What on earth is "red-neck" pastor Terry, the conservative  mid-west bigot, trying to do?  Why is he so keen to spread hatred and divisiveness by wanting to burn The Koran in public? Who is this freak? Who's order does he think he is following? And who the f_ _k does he think he is speaking for?
And he calls himself a man of God!  An idiot old fart with the brain of a gnat, comes to mind.

He should repent and be forced to burn "The Dreadful Trilogy" - the Christian Bible, Hebrew Bible and the Koran - and then return to hill-billy land, to his wife and sister (probably the same woman)... and have his gonads ripped to shreds by a pack of hungry coyotes (he'd probably enjoy that, but poor coyotes).

No no, seriously, I do not condone violence, especially the religiously inspired kind :)

Justin Bieber;  Popular fresh-faced young singer, brings unity and happiness to millions across the globe.

The Koran;   Popular old-world  myth, can bring violence subjugation and prejudice when misinterpreted - just like the Hebrew and Christian Bibles!

It's scary to think that two thirds of humanity still live by and believe in, ancient man-made scriptures.

Why don't the masses believe in the greatest human minds - the scientists?  Those same scientists who have laboured tirelessly to enlightened us with knowledge and understanding...
...who have invented medicines that prolong life
...and technology that keeps us warm and entertained
...and have proved the evolution of all species
...and decoded the human genome
...and took man to the moon and beyond
...and have explained life and carbon dated the planet
...and are desperately trying to discover cures to all illnesses!

And what good is religion doing?  I rest my case.

Why oh why do the masses believe in the nameless ancient scribes but not the named and famed scientists? Is it because most (if not all) scientists are Atheists?   If so, why do they think that is so? Is it not obvious?

The greatest thinkers in history were Atheists - FACT

Rant over... I feel better now, but not much



  1. Because religion makes people feel better. And they 'get' it more easily because they feel it has something profound to say about their own lives that science doesn't. Science will never answer why we are here or why we suffer or what lies beyond death, and those are questions that people hold very seriously in their hearts. Nor will it tell us we are loved, nor make us part of an elite group, nor promise us eternal reward.
    I don't believe in religion either, but I can understand why other people do. That some take it to excuse and encourage violence and hatred disgusts me as much as it does you.

  2. NanU; Very good point, thank you, you are more understanding and forgiving than me. The fact some people have a need to believe in the unbelievable devine and the promise of after-life as a reward - at a cost of not learning and searching for the truth?..that bugs me. I worry that world religion is not losing it's impetus and is fighting science now more than ever.

  3. Well, a person in the religion thinks they have found truth. The fanatics are so totally convinced that it spills over into everything they do. And it's not the sort of truth that you can quantify and experiment on. Your unbelievable divine is somebody else's obvious fact.

  4. NanU; "thinks they have found truth", ok,I go along with that, but my 'unbelievable devine' can not be "somebody else's obvious fact" ? 'Facts' can only be so if backed by proof. Thanks for the comment :)