Saturday, 11 September 2010

9/11 - Where was He ?

I would like to pay my respects to the thousands of innocent people of all persuasions, who were slaughtered on September 11, 2001 in New York, and their loved ones.  Apparently an act, some say, in the name of God. was also the  day when a part of humanity collapsed, along with the towers, to it's lowest depths

...and the day when depraved men, driven by hatred and jealousy, callously culled 2,800 people

...the day extremist religion demonstrated, it's deadly and devilish power

...and the day when the Muslim world lost most of it's support

...the day bigots from other religions rejoiced at the prospect of the backlash against Islam

...and the day ignorance and superstition struck a fatal blow to the world
...and most importantly, a day when all good people around the globe wept in shame, at the evil some men do.

So often, when  mankind faces it's toughest hurdles...
                           the milk of human kindness curdles...


  1. I will always remember that day as I watched in shock and horror the live footage from when the first plane hit and the aftermarth that followed.... then the media frenzy started and every news channel in the world was covering this story!
    ...Days later when they were filmimg at ground zero one thing stuck in my mind, there was nothing left apart from one door frame and door the only thing left standing and what do you think was on the door? it was a poster of jesus...... To me that is a clear message of my faith and the promises made to the children of god.

  2. Cathy; But did you not ask 'where were You? How could you let this happen?' And what promises? God has never written any messages promising anything!The messages you refer to,in the Bible,were written by men,mere mortals like us,thousands of years ago,not God.

  3. God works in ways we can not possibly know. He was there through the people who helped save other lives. It wasnt His choice to let all those people die. He gives us freedom to do what we want, people made the choice to do what they did. God is ALWAYS there. He is the ray of light in the darkness. Those people who wrote the bible wrote through the help of the Holy Spirit. I had an uncle who died in the Towers, I asked those questions "Where were You?How could you let this happen?" But at confermation I finally let go. I'm a sejor in High School and I have a whole new way at looking at life already.
    -God's messanger

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  4. Short but to the point. Good post.

  5. MaximumRide: How do you know He works in mysterious ways? He hasn't told you so,that's for sure.Also you signed off as 'Gods Messenger' - a bit presumptious if you ask me. But I'm sure your heart is in the right place (even if your thinking isn't)Thanks for the comment.

    Dicky: Thank you for your kind words