Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CONSpiracy theories = cons

Of all the nonsense I have ever heard, a particular conspiracy theory over the twin towers has to be the worse. I refer to the one about Jewish workers receiving prior warning to the incident and staying away from work that fateful day.
How ridiculous the assumption that Al Qaeda would somehow chose to pre-warn Jews but not the many Muslim workers that were killed! Since when have Al Qaeda protected Jews, their sworn enemies?

Most conspiracy theories are started and spread by paranoid, vindictive, low-life media and web geeks too stoned and stupid to realize the hurt their rumours can cause – and the rest are produced by envious bigots, political point-scorers and social-climbers.

Conspiracy Theories are nothing more than stupid rumours.

Conspiracy Theories can cause serious harm to civilised societies, by twisting the truth.

Conspiracy Theories are from extremists and the gullible - for extremists and the gullible.

My message to these cretins is simple; get a f*&$£%g life if you have the brains and character to do so…but somehow, I doubt it. I guess I’ll have to learn to ignore them!

Rant over, I feel so much better now


  1. This is most true about all conspiracies...they are just someone paranoid ideas. I had a friend of mine tell that there was a video on youtube that was supposedly able to see bombs attached to the planes that hit the towers... Now if that was true I'm pretty sure someone would have found them before the plane took off. They truly are silly people with nothing better to do.

    Welcome back, glad to have you and your rants back :)

  2. Baxie, yes,it's all nonsense. Thank you :)