Friday, 17 September 2010

Birthday memories

My birthday is imminent!  My wish-list is being printed and you will all receive a copy in due course! Almost a year since the last one... Madeleine and I were in the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, some 950 Kms south west of Portugal, to celebrate in peace, my milestone birthday. This one will be very different, in the grey autumnal setting of Buckinghamshire, miles from a beach and further still from the warm sun.
 Madeleine and I minutes after arriving..

It was a couple of days of romantic walks, frolicking on the beach and excellent food and beer. I would have topped up my tan if it weren't for that rug covering my manly chest.

Madeleine just after her swim...I can tell by the hair!

Nice bikini! We also hired a quad-bike for a bit of sightseeing. I was keen on going to the remote and inaccessible interior to ... at one with nature?

my hell's-angels look...

I did my best to ensure I stayed well hydrated, of course, even though the temperature was only around 23 centigrade. It was an easy thing to do. The beer (Coral) was tasty and chilled to perfection. I did have to keep stopping every 15 minutes or so for physiological reasons...

hard to believe, but I was inconspicuously hydrating the bush...

We will return someday, to the unspoilt tranquility of this beautiful island. Friendly and crime-free, it's my idea of heaven.

gentle and tranquil - Porto Santo

By the way, Porto Santo's claim to fame is that Christopher Columbus lived there for some years after marrying the governors daughter. One of 5 islands in the Archipelago of Madeira, Porto Santo is often overlooked in favour of Madeira, the main island. Just as well, it remains unspoilt as a result. But being such a small island, some 42 square kilometres and dry, it still offers some stunning views...

...gorgeous Madeleine
Until next time...


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  1. buhuu i miss my tan!! however, i dont miss the ferry ride. too cold to sit outside (even if its beauiful with madeira fading to your left & the sun rising on the right) & too bloody sickening to sit indoors! thank goodness for the cinema ey :)