Tuesday, 7 September 2010

celebrity bash - Part II

What is going on lately in the minds of certain sportsmen that make them cheat on their partners with dodgy looking prostitutes? The press has been having a field day ever since Tiger Woods indiscretions. I confess to being baffled, especially when their partners are so good looking and the pros are so soooo ugly!

Wayne Rooney, with the face of a bull dog chewing wasps, and with a beautiful wife, decides to pay thousands of pounds to prostitutes!

same applies to bean sprout Peter Crouch and his lovely girlfriend Abbey…?!?!

and how about Ashley Cole with the stunning Cheryl…?!?!

How do they do it? How can they do it? Anyone have a clue?

This is a far more complex topic than religion!

Please enlighten me.


  1. maybe that's all it is...but money doesn't make people stupid :)