Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dancing boys (Bacha bazi) - Afghanistan's hidden sickness.

I had the extreme displeasure of watching the documentary "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" last night on More4 and feel compelled to comment.

The documentary uncovers  the "Bacha Bazi" (boy-play) practice, where young boys, some as young as 11, are sold by their impoverished parents to so-called "agents" ( pimps) to be groomed and trained to dance, in women's clothes, and for the entertainment of  "men".

Usually the more prominent and powerful men in Afghanistan. Yes, for "male" entertainment! Yes, in a Muslim culture, where homosexuality is condemned!

Under the Taliban, this form of 'entertainment' was forbidden, but now it is once again spreading due in part to the authorities turning a blind eye and/or even participating.


The boys are effectively slaves - they dance their effeminate routines and are then taken "for the night" by whoever can pay the fee. In a country supposedly so Islamist and well used to strict Sharia Law, it is unbelievable how this vile practice can even exist.

To make matters worse, if that's possible, the men (the filthy scum) that take part in this practice, unashamedly boast to the camera on how many "boys" they have been with! And these scum-bags are married men with children! These are also the men (warlords) who stone women to death for adultery! What on earth do they call what they are doing? What do they call sexually abusing little boys?

It makes my  blood boil. Why do I have to share the air I breathe with these disgusting backward pigs? How on earth can Afghanistan move forward with this kind of filth ingrained in its culture?

And there's me thinking I had seen it all with the Chechnya kidnapped brides!  I was so wrong!

No doubt there will be more shocking revelations in future from the obscure and backward nations of this world.

And to think that some of our soldiers are getting killed, on duty, trying to bring stability, peace and civilisation to the barren land of Afghanistan!..what a cruel waste of time...



  1. ewwww sickos. i wonder if they bring that "culture" into our western world as well? fucking sickos.

  2. There are always going to be vile and revolting people in the world, that's just what happens. The problem with this one is since they are warlords, no one is going to stand up to them as they will just end them. They have so much power and people are just too scared to stand up to them.
    It is disgusting and utterly wrong...there really is no way to stop them, unless the people there get the courage to stop them.
    When there are warlords in power, there are usually double-standards for everything and they will undoubtedly have friends in high places who are willing to help them out of any sticky situation.
    What the western world can do is condem these action, there is really much that our culture can do since they have different laws and different ways of dealing with situations involving their officials.
    It is still very shocking and horrid to hear about things such as these, I think this one may be worse because A) they are meant to be against homosexuality B) there are some of our soldiers fighting and being killed over there making it seem as though it is a waste of time...but like I said, we can't exactly change their culture despite this being horrib, disgusting and vile.
    Wow! That sound like I'm for it...I'm not! I'm really not!! As the person before me said "sickos"!

  3. Hi Anon; I don't think so, we got rid of that kind of shit stuff a couple of hundred years ago :)

    Hi Baxie;You are right about "power" coming into play. Power and poverty. I want to force those people to change their outlook and question their acts - I bet they wouldn't want it for theirs sons. We all know what's right and wrong and so do those vile creatures. Culture should not be used as an excuse for an ideal world.

  4. You're right culture shouldn't be an excuse, but since they have different ways of dealing with such things there is not a lot that we can really do.
    There are a lot people out there who have the same view as you, but all we can really hope is that the people there get enough courage to band together and stop them.
    What is good in is that situation such as this one, is that the western world is publicising it and bringing awareness to it all.
    We just have to hope that there will be a time when it all changes.

  5. Sweep in front of yourown front door or learn about millenia of Persian culture adn you will understand that you cannot judge with cultural standards of taoday what has been going on for millenia. Alexander The great was one of what you call scumbags, Lord Byron was, Michelangelo and Da Vinci was one too, then what about samurais? Knights in England and Europe, native American culture too. But you do understand why the yankees invade everywhere for oil reasons, they are no scumbags are they? Crawl back into your consumption western hole and get your nose out of buiness you ahve nothing to do with.

    1. So Anonymous, because it has been going on for millenia makes it alright? You are defending the indefensible. You're stuck in the dark ages and it is people like you that keep such nations in poverty and ignorance. And yes, it is my business to speak against all injustices, no matter where they take place. My world, disliked by antiquated and brutal people of your ilk, is a magnet for all kinds of people who want a better life. Some cultural habits have no place in a civilized world.