Thursday, 12 August 2010

Chechnya...looking back

I am no youngster, I have lived an interesting life, I have witnessed odd and quirky human behaviour throughout my humble existence and tried to make sense of the senseless;  but the TV documentary  "This World:Stolen Brides"  left me completely stumped - baffled - at what some societies still accept as normal behaviour.

I learned that around 40% of Chechnyan young women are kidnapped and forced to marry their abductors. 40% !     Apparently most young Chechnyan men think it OK to kidnap a girl off the street and marry her! Stranger still, the mothers of these young men think it is absolutely fine for their sons to find a bride by these means!

 But worse still, most of the kidnapped girls also find this practice acceptable !!

 WHAT THE    F&*%K   IS GOING ON IN CHECHNYA?!??? That used to be  a popular way of finding a wife  when we were all still living in caves and grunting at each other.

Talk about 'sweeping her off her feet'!

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