Saturday, 7 August 2010

I'm a celebrity, get me a presidency (or a brain)...

A fine blog I follow from across the pond,, by a talented and witty writer Charles Emerson III, mentioned today the absurdity of 'old rapper' Wyclef Jean's intention of running for the presidency of Haiti.

Well, I just had to confirm the story, and now, can't resist having a dig myself! I'm not stealing your thunder, Charles (couldn't if I tried anyway) but I must vent my anger.

So the pompous "bling-laden" airhead thinks he is qualified for the job !! Is it because he is a B class celebrity?.. or of Haitian origins?.. or a shit accountant (see below)? Is that all it takes??? The mind boggles.
Haiti needs a statesman of stature, comparable to the likes of Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, to free Haiti from it's present predicament, not some dubious rapper from Newark, New Jersey with a dodgy tax record.
OK, I'll be fair and mention his attributes;

He set up the Yele Haiti Foundation in 2005 to help poor children in Haiti with scholarships, but...this is where it gets good...all the money raised ended up with good ol' Wyclef and his partner Jerry Duplessis!! This is still being investigated by the US Authorities!!! And how about Yele Haiti's predecessor, the Wyclef Foundation? Well that's even worse...

The Wyclef Jean Foundation has been involuntarily dissolved several times by the Florida Division of Corporations for failing to provide all necessary tax details to the authorities!!!

FANTASTIC !! And he wants to become president of the world's poorest nation??? With his accounting skills??? God forbid.

WYCLEF, YOUR COUNTRY DOESN'T NEED YOU, so get back to your gangster-rap lifestyle, arrogant *%&£! Who DO you think you are? Ronald Reagan? eh? Arnold Schwarzenegger?

(I feel better now)... but not much.


Naomi Campbell has made a court appearance at the trial of Charles Taylor, ex Liberian warlord and diamond peddler. Naomi accepted a "gift" from Taylor in the form of a pouch filled with uncut diamonds, delivered to her hotel room in the middle of the night.
Ms Campbell didn't think it odd, after all she gets presents all the time from all kinds of people.!! The "caption of the trial" must be her admission to not knowing of a country called Liberia or the term "Dirty Diamonds".

I guess mother nature was kind to Naomi when dishing out looks...and that is all!


  1. come on joe, time to write something positive ;P

  2. I absolutely love your blog!! haha, i imagine you sitting there in front of your computer, worked up like hell over these pathetic people, writing your little fingers off. :D hilarious!

  3. Thanks Linn :) wish I could understand your blog hehe ;)I don't really get annoyed. I hear you're off to Sverige, when?

  4. yeah, in september already. quite scary changing country & city - again, and move away from Kim. but im sure it all will work out just fine. Time to do something new. im exited about my new job, i think its gonna be much more fun meeting people instead of talking to them on the phone. Hows it going for you? how did your interwiev go?

  5. Interview went well, now all I can do is wait, a few days at least.All the best Linn, talk soon

  6. Joe: You put it better than I did. Hell, you were even convincing, where I was (arguably) just an asshole.

  7. Charles: but you gave me the fuel. Your writing is more spontaneous and ultimately more from the heart. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  8. Jesus Chris Naomi Campbell. What a piece of work that woman. Hasn't somebody punched her in the face already and given her a taste of her own medicine?

  9. Annah; I'm not a violent person, but I'd love to (just the once)and just her

  10. I'm fairly certain that if anyone had the chance they would definately deck her...I know I would XD
    What makes Wyclef think he can run a country? Just because he has done some good and has a bit of moolar and is famous and what not, does not mean he fit for the job. Celebrities just think that they can have everything don't they? Silly people.

  11. Baxie; It annoys me no end when celebs think they can buy anything, from babies to shallow.

  12. Truly is shallow...they also believe that they can get away with anything, like drinking and driving or beating people. They really need to be slapped and told that just because they are famous they can't have anything that they wish.