Monday, 2 August 2010

Cosmetic surgery...on the cheap

(Picture:for reference only)

Onto a brighter note, I will share with you a conversation between a wife and husband.

Wife: I want a boob job !
Husband: Why?
Wife: To enlarge them of course!
Husband: There's another way without going under the knife!
Wife: You're kidding...Go on
Husband: Rub toilet paper over your boobs once a day, that's how!
Wife: How's that gonna work???
Husband: It worked for your butt !


  1. tss.. rub it on your head, worked for ur ego ;)

  2. nice pic of jlo though

  3. your blog is crazy, every time u press the comment u come to a different press - clearly a fault.

    maybe i can help u out with my html-skills ;)


  4. thanks anons for the haha hehe - Yes M, please do help with your html-skills :)