Sunday, 22 August 2010

My house rocks !

Please don't think I'm boasting, I'm not, but I want  to show you my homes and neighbours;

This one is in Fafe, Portugal

Cool or what?  And here is my country neighbour, Sidney

A type of grass snake

and my town house;

This one's in central London

Not bad hey? And here is my city neighbour, David;

A type of city snake

...could be worse I guess, I really should learn to be more grateful :)


  1. That first house is the bomb.

  2. I'm loving that house...I want it!! :P Haha!

  3. hahahah. heating and wiring for the rock house would be interesting to see.

    seems that city snakes are everywhere!

  4. There's no electricity, don't need may all visit it on your next trip to Portugal :)