Saturday, 14 August 2010

My 'PIN' (Pre Interview Nerves)

Preparing for a job interview - nervous as hell - really want the job-  do my homework - find out all I can about the company - read up on interview techniques - same old blah blah...- conclusion; be honest.

That's it ! Just be honest !..but still, must prepare and prepare.

Run interview in my head, from start to finish. Imagine the office, the interviewer, the questions - prepared for all the questions? I think so.

Wonder how on-line character test went days before interview...not given the results...must have been OK or wouldn't get the interview! Half the battle won, surely. No?

 Wishing I knew what was coming. Wishing I knew what kind of person interviewer is, but nothing on google or facebook...damn... read up on the product - that's it, product knowledge is a sure winner...or is it?

Is the suit alright? the right shirt and tie combo? smart enough? maybe not. Don't know enough about interviewer, that's the problem; if only I knew what kind of person he is?!?!. Is he sporty casual or smart posh? Don't know, best be as smart as possible.

Arrived early, hands sweaty in nervous anticipation...offered coffee. Nice relaxed atmosphere, looked around, like the place. Really like the feel of the place, WANT THIS JOB! Want it so badly. I know there are 4 others competing, but, I should have the edge. Experience etc.

Boss wakes me from daydream! "Hello Joe?" Hello Tim, how are you? "Good thanks, follow me".

Into his office, argh...wait...there's someone else in there!? Oh no, interviewed by 2 people, that's all I need.
Didn't prepare for,no no...must relax and be honest, not difficult is it?

An hour and ten minutes later we bid our farewells...Went well, better than  expected.  In with a great chance! I'll have to wait a few days now. The suspense of waiting is unbearable, worse than pre-interview

I hope I get this job, good money,good prospects, nice car.  Did my best, hope I came across well.

My advice; Be honest and to the point. Be prepared for the question "what are your weaknesses". Make sure you mention a valid weakness, for interviewers know you are not perfect. If you are honest about your weakness(es) the interviewer will believe your strengths.

Interviewers the world over believe they choose the right candidate for the job based on the abilities and required qualities...but  not so. Don't be deceived by this...untruth. Interviewers choose the people they like. That's it, pure and simple. If they like you they will employ you.

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