Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Religion is...smug as a bug in a rug...

I don't like smugness, I don't do 'smug'. It is a characteristic I detest, more than any other!

Has anyone noticed how smug religious people are when discussing this topic with non-believers? They tend to wear the look on their faces that depicts "I know something you don't". Moreover, it implies people like me, who are of a scientific disposition and not at all religious, don't know the 'truth' - and at worst, influenced by satanic forces!!!

Is prejudice not a sin anymore? Is intolerance not a sin?...how about arrogance?.. they are in my book anyway and I don't even have a book.

The truth is, the Darwinists of this world (and other enlightened minds) are a lot closer to the truth than the 'lambs-to-slaughter' followers of people (yes, just ordinary people, not saints!) like Joseph Smith (Mormons) and Charles Russell/Joseph Rutherford (Jehovah's W) and many other self-proclaimed leaders of countless splinter groups.

The above mentioned men must have possessed great powers of persuasion in order to steer their flock away from their original churches and beliefs ! How did they do it? Well, just like all other great 'earthly' leaders throughout history, they realised how gullible some people can be and set to work on them, that's how. Am I the only sceptic here??

Just imagine some charismatic figure appearing nowadays, re-interpreting the Holy Book and re-converting the previously re-converted!?! Would they be taken seriously???

Actually, there is a characteristic I detest and pity more than smugness - GULLIBILITY


  1. lets start a new religion joseninho, if they could why cant we :)

    i believe in ME MYSELF AND I :)

  2. cant u write an entry about the amish.

  3. Your words echo my thought ENTIRELY!