Sunday, 15 August 2010

"Feel Good" review of the month

The Enneagram is a delightful read, to the point and written as a series of letters between patients and psychologist, Simon Parke.  It explains "The Enneagram", a chart depicting the nine human character traits.
It is a work in progress, invented 1500 years ago, and has evolved over the centuries.   It allows the reader to find their "number" or character trait and then advises on how to face one's own demons and change certain attitudes in order to achieve a more balanced life.

It is very accurate in it's description of me, anyway, 'spookily' so. I realized very soon into the book what my number was; and was surprised with the quality of advice offered!

A no-nonsense guide to how some of our traits influence our lives and how to change with the minimum of effort (suits me)

So friends, I know most of your already live a rich, fulfilled life, but if not (like me) I reccommend you add it to your 'bucket-list'. Happy reading

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