Sunday, 10 October 2010

the greatest answer on earth

I’m in the process of reading a book by Prof. Richard Dawkins, entitled “The Greatest Show on Earth” and I would like to share with you an extract that amused me, to say the least. The book is a brilliant piece of work describing evolution and natural selection, without the usual jargon.

Anyway, the extract reports an exchange between Prof. J B S Haldane and an evolution-sceptic lady, that took place after one of his lectures. It goes as follows;

Evolution sceptic: Professor Haldane, even given the billions of years that you say were available for evolution, I simply cannot believe it is possible to go from a single cell to a complicated human body, with its trillions of cells organised into bones muscles and nerves, a heart that pumps without ceasing for decades, miles and miles of blood vessels and kidney tubules, and a brain capable of talking, thinking and feeling.

Prof. Haldane: But madam, you did it yourself. And it only took you nine months!

Totally awesome answer, me thinks.  I will review the book in due course - I’m only half-way through it.

Back to the book I go…x

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