Monday, 18 October 2010

when fact is stranger than fiction

I found some interesting stuff in the news today and would like to share it with you.
Here are the highlights;

"Cyber crime among top UK threats
Computer attacks are among the biggest threats to the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May says ahead of the publication of a new national security strategy"

Me: Humm? I think it's disgusting. How can anyone attack a poor defenceless computer?  I'll have to teach the old "Acer" some self-defence and shanking techniques ?! Better safe than sorry! ;)

"Iranian chocolate thief faces hand amputation

An Iranian judge has sentenced a man convicted of robbing a confectionery shop to have one of his hands cut off, Iranian media report"

Me: So, stealing a couple of Snickers bars in downtown Tehran can result in losing one's right hand?! How extreme! What if he had stolen a Cadbury's 250g bar? Would he lose hands and feet? This young man is unlikely to ever find a female partner now, with a such a visible label of dishonesty dangling (or not) from his right sleeve. No girl and minus his right hand?! Tragic double-blow. Overkill or what!

Me: This little gem speaks for itself. Atheists and Agnostics know more about religion than bible-bashers?!? Of course they do, hence their non-believer status. Talk about stating the obvious!

Me: If you don't believe it open the pic in your "Paint" or "Photoshop" ! Awesomely confusing!


  1. I Like the one about the atheists/agnostics, no real surprise. The cube colour thing is amazing, the two really are the same colour?!?

  2. Yeah Dave, believers believe because it's easier than searching for the truth and/or maybe because someone told them to. I too believe in something - I believe I'm going to have a pint later, haha
    P.S. my Acer is at brown belt level already, just in case :)