Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Gordon Ramsay - "Turd of the Week"

Why is TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay so popular? I have persevered for years - yes, many years - trying to like him and his programs, but have failed miserably. Is there something wrong with me? Am I the only one who doesn’t like Gordon?

I just can’t see what’s so special about this sewer-mouthed bully boy with the face of a bull-dog chewing gum. He is so f*****g rude, and yet, incredibly, so popular. Why? Is it a case of “culinary masochism" affecting the world at large?

As for Hell’s Kitchen USA, well, that simply has to be the worst ever cookery program in history. I had to give up watching after 10 minutes - I was completely knackered and totally stressed out. Not entertainment in my book.

I have decided to give Gordon this week’s “Turd” award, for pissing me off once again.

Rant over...for another week at least ;)


  1. I have watched this turd only twice... EVER. I was so put off by him I never bothered to try again. I know I use lovely words in my blog, BUT people have to be looking for it to get to it, whereas he is on regular broadcast television and younger kids get to hear his bleeped-out program and then nag their parents about what the bleeped-out words are. UGH!

    PS: Thank you for the Birthday wishes yesterday! =]

  2. I've found myself apologising to my son for this cretin's behaviour! His shows are shown here after 9 pm so no bleeping. It's even worse. Gordon's a bully who should be put in his place ( a tough inner city school playground preferably.