Sunday, 3 October 2010

sometimes it doesn't just rain... it pours!

I'm so disappointed I didn't get the job I was pinning my hopes on. It's a set-back that leaves me wandering what to do next.

I applied for the job full of hope and enthusiasm and failure was not an option. Its the kind of job I know I can do well, better than most I have no doubt. I am loyal, intelligent, smart, experienced and hard-working. I have managed bigger departments before and with more staff! What more do prospective employers want?

I went to the interview knowing there were 5 other applicants but that didn't faze me. I believed I had the edge on the others - more experience. Got past the first hurdle (first interview) and was given a second chance - along with one other applicant - to impress with a presentation of my future plans. Easy! I was convinced I'd win the 2 man race...but...sadly, I didn't.

I'm now feeling sorry for myself, which doesn't help me or anyone else, and worried at the lack of options and finance.

I have to pick up the pieces and try even harder, I know, and will do precisely that. But the set-back has dented my pride and knocked my confidence a little. That's for sure.

not amused

Next step is to wait for the next interview, which is being arranged with Mercedes-Benz, hopefully this week. Legs/Arms/Fingers crossed!

On a lighter note;  here are some quality quotes I've stumbled across while browsing the celeb pages;

These two foot-in-mouth captions were not made up by me, honestly! I know... it's hard to believe. It takes something other than brains to become a you all didn't know that already 


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