Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Top 5 still in X Factor - 2010

Love it or hate it, the X Factor is here to stay. It is the most popular talent show in the UK, if not anywhere, with little or no competition as far as talent shows go. Of course I have been watching it! So has the rest of the country. Haven’t you all? Yeah, right.


My favourite is Rebecca Ferguson. Great soulful singer with a silky-smooth voice and a style reminiscent of a 60s Moulin Rouge diva. I hope she goes all the way.  Dreamy voice to die for , bags of talent and chic as hell.
Rebecca - the best the show can offer


My second favourite is Matt Cardle. Unique alto voice and every note delivered with the clinical precision  of a virtuoso. Fantastic vocal range coupled with a laid back style that is both endearing and genuine. His rendition of Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time” proves that a cover can be much better than the original.

Matt will make it even if he loses


Then there is the enfant terrible Cher Lloyd, beefing up her performance with the attitude of a Harlem hip-hop gangster on crack. She sometimes loses herself in her adopted role, forgetting she is just a little northern lass, not a bad-ass rude boy. Cher needs to do better in the weeks to come if she wants to stay in and emulate her famous name-sake. Still in with a shout but risks turning into a one-trick pony.

Cher needs to improve


Aiden Grimshaw sounded ever so promising in the beggining but has since slipped down my rankings with two bad performances on the trot. His version of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” last week was an improvisation pushed too far - this week’s “Diamonds Are Forever”, a complete disaster of a song, better suited to the token joke of the competition, Wagner or Vagner with a ‘v’, (or Vanker with a ‘w’)

Jury is still out with Aiden


Boy band One Direction are sweet enough and can sing but need to wait a couple of years grow some bodily hair and acquire adult male voices before they can make a real impact with the fans. They are far too young to stay up singing past the watershed hour, surely! Mind you, if Justin Bieber can do it… who knows! I wonder if there is a lower age limit for the show? I wonder if pubes are compulsory? If yes to either, the boys will have to come back in a couple of years.

a bit premature for One Erection?

That’s it folks, no one else in the running. The rest will be disposed of two-by-two until Christmas.

PS.  I promise my next posting will be of a serious nature to compensate for my 'temporary' lack of ideas.

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