Sunday, 26 September 2010

and another murder goes unpunished...

. the good ol' conservative state of Virginia, USA.

State governor Bob McDonnell (Republican) must be feeling proud to be the first governor since 1912 to authorise the state-killing of a woman prisoner. Grandmother and long-term mental illness sufferer Theresa Lewis was executed by lethal injection for arranging the murders of her husband and step-son.

State endorsed murder of the first degree that will go unpunished...well, not quite. This evil act will come back to haunt those responsible. Killing the sick instead of attempting to cure them is not the way forward for civilised societies.

The irony of this tragic abuse of basic human rights is that the men who actually carried out the killings were caught but spared the death penalty!

Is there any difference between the actions of the state of Virginia (76%Christian) and the vilified justice of the Taliban (100% Muslim)? I can't see any. If there is, please enlighten me.

Theresa Lewis                        the evil tools of the trade

How can this barbaric act be carried out by so called Christians - New Testament followers? The famous words of  Jesus "let he who is free of sin cast the first stone" sadly doesn't apply to the butchers of Virginia.

And where was President Obama? He could have intervened but chose not to! Clearly doesn't mind a bit of blood in his hands. I have lost all respect for the man - he doesn't have the balls to back his convictions.
The USA will never be taken seriously by the civilised world societies until it abolishes Capital Punishment in all its states. Until then, the US will be associated with the barbaric and archaic states that are also its enemies. Oh my...the irony of it all...


  1. The "Land of the Free" has, per capita, more people in prison than any other nation on Earth. Probably 80% of those are in for non-dangerous, non-repetitive crimes. Why? In large part because incarceration is big business. When a profit motive is attached to the loss of liberty, no one is safe. Another reason is a culture in which a zero-tolerance policy is attached to just about every human endeavor. Just their way of telling us that we are, all of us, inherently expendable.

  2. Louis Wu, that is mostly true due to the fact that we've criminalized drug use and possession. The "war on drugs" saw a ridiculous escalation in incarceration in the U.S. Still, and I was born in a country with NO human rights AT ALL, as her adopted daughter I love her dearly and would die to preserve her gladly.

  3. I like your view and sentiment in this matter Suzi. Thanks for the comment :)