Wednesday, 15 September 2010

When the blind follows the blind

...yes, you can kiss my ring
The country prepares for the imminent visit of a foreign head of state!  A controversial head of state.

A man of undemocratic beliefs who presides over a society shrouded in secrecy and fear of reprisal.

A man who, in his previous post, concealed crimes of sexual abuse against countless children across the globe.

A man who is still to apologise for the said heinous crimes committed by some of his ambassadors.

A man shackled to the past and imprisoned by dogma and superstition.

A man who single-handedly causes widespread misery and death with his edicts on contraception and morality.

A man so detached from his followers that he can not understand reality and what it is like to raise a family - he has no wife or children.

A man who invites into his inner circle known Holocaust deniers and other faceless fascists.

A man who encourages divisiveness and conflict by spreading homophobia and religious intolerance.

A man who controls, manipulates and brainwashes his followers as if they were his personal possessions.

A man who should serve, not be served.

No... no no, it is not Robert Mugabe ! But I can see why you would think so. The similarities are endless, I know.

 I refer to the Bavarian Pope,  Herr Josef Ratzinger - aka "Head of  State - The Vatican"

And for the "privilege" of this visit, the taxpayer foots the bill, £12 million.

Rant over...I feel much better :)



  1. And the masses will flock to be in the presence of this and other degenerates like him... Makes me want to VOMIT!

  2. he should pay UK if he wants to pay a visit -not the other way around..!