Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Paulo - In loving memory

 6 Dec 1964 - 26 Jan 2010

This morning on my way to work I thought about you, like I always do, in the solitude of my car. I thought about the heartache so many of us feel on this sad and regrettable anniversary; what you meant to me and to so many people and words started to form sentences in my mind. Words of tribute to a very special person. Words that don't fully describe the pain but nonetheless, made me feel a little better. Here's to you brov...

beloved brother

The space you filled among us, remains empty
The air you breathed is laid to waste
The joy you gave us, no longer flows
The laughter you brought has fallen silent
The love you spread now fills a void in our hearts
The grave you  fill now has your selfless attention
And the spring blossom awaits your precious gift
For the flowers will reflect your essence
With their resplendent colour and fragrant scent
And we will admire the flowers like we admired you.
And in our minds and those of our children
Your eternal flame will glow bright and warm
To light up the hours of darkness
And bring comfort to our winters of discontent
Gone far too soon, but never forgotten. So long sweet brother of mine



  1. Very sad for your loss! Hugs to you...

  2. Momma C: thank you for your kind words xx
    Anon: xxxx

  3. Joe, thanks so much for your lovely comment, and I'm so sorry too about your brother. Life is so cruel sometimes, but still it goes on. Love from Spain. Xxx

  4. CI; thank you, I hope time reduces the pain for us both - just doesn't seem likely at the moment x