Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Moynihan's Irish Bar - Madeira

Feb 2008 - Apr 2010 - Madeira, Portugal

Time to reminisce, once again, about my time as a regular entertainer at Moynihan's.  I miss the place, the laughs, the music, the people, the craic, but most importantly, I miss how it made me feel, especially on good nights;

Sinead Moynihan's first and last performance..
...on her orders! Sinead was the life and soul
 of the place. Great host, not so great a singer

Brazilian singer Lidiane. Great sultry voice

Martin's version of "Ziggy" always
 delighted the crowd

Three's a crowd? not at all. Fab trio

Fantastic to sing with my bro, great
harmonies of voice  and mind

Taedhg Moynihan was a regular on
stage, great Irish voice and an even
better landlord

I  miss Madeira...the weather...the people...the food and drink...the regular "road trips"...the way of life...the stunning views...the luscious greenery...the strolls in town over immaculately laid mosaic pavements...

Simply stunning, 'nuff said.  Hope to see you again in April...muah


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  1. u forgot the photo of me and linn singing!! u could swap it with some of those with that brazilian one ;)

    soon we'll be back again :)