Friday, 7 January 2011

The most hurtful thing ever said by a loved one - Part I

If you have dropped in via Twitter, thank you kindly, and if you are a regular reader, "Hi".   I really do need your help with this one as I want to compile a list of  "the most hurtful comments ever from a loved one" and will be posting the results here in the near future.

So, to all you aspiring bloggers and tweeters, please please leave a comment.



  1. I don't love you. I only stayed with you because I felt sorry for you.

    (Said 3 years after a child was born and given up for adoption -- because he changed his mind 7 months too late and suddenly did not want to be a father after all...)

  2. pheeew, that's a shocker Momma. Thank you. I can't see that being beaten :(

  3. Some guy once told me that I was just like other bloggers because I put up ads. And then said he was going to unfollow me (which he promply did after leaving that comment).

    That was all.