Monday, 28 November 2011

Sweet music to my ears and an erotic story

Here we go with a two part post; the first part being about my situation and the second is an extract from a post I read earlier that made me laugh out loud. It tickled me so much I decided to steal it and use it here. It is from the hilarious Jules over at Gravel Farm. Check him out if you haven´t already. Laughter is in short supply lately and I want to change that.

But first, me with "Sweet music to my ears"

Music has, of late, become more important to me than ever before. It has taken over my life.

It is my source of pleasure, income, expression, friendship and melancholy; in some songs, all those things at once.

Songs I have sang hundreds of times before have now taken new meanings because of my present circumstances. It's almost as if they were written for me and about me. I don´t really believe the artists who penned these lyrics know me well enough to dedicate their work to yours truly - but I could be wrong!

I refer to lyrics such as;

"To think I might not see those eyes

makes it so hard not to cry

and as we say our long goodbye

I nearly do..."

...and ;

" You say that we´ve got nothing in common

No common ground to start from

And we're falling apart.

You say the world has come between us

our lives have come between us

but I know you just don't care..."

But on the plus side, I am enjoying singing more than ever and for that I am grateful.


An erotic story by Jules -The Gravel Farm


She opened wide after a single knock, and raised a questioning eyebrow at the darkly tall stranger standing before her.

"I have come. . . " he growled deep in his throat, a testosterone fuelled baritone that she could feel in her very core, its timbre threatening to vibrate her knickers off, " . . . to fix your washing machine."

"Oh god!" she exclaimed breathlessly, "I was just going to have a bath." She looked at him askance, and he looked back at her askance as well, "In the nude!" she elucidated.

"But I have already brought my enormous plumbing tool," he waved it back and forth in front of her flushed cheeks, its hard, unforgiving length still glistening from another lady's fluids.

"My!" she gasped, admiring his professional manner. "Then it would be a shame if you got it out and didn't get chance to use it."

"I will be very . . ." He leaned forward, lowering his voice even further as their eyes met, his gaze smouldering like slices of black pudding in a frying pan " . . . quick."

"Good." she whispered back, relief flooded quite literally out of her, and she led him into the bedroom where she kept her washing machine.

"I keep my washing machine in the bedroom." She told him.

"That is completely normal and requires no clarification." He smoothed his moustache down and wiped his brow. "It's a little hot in here." He pointed out unnecessarily. "Would you mind if I made myself a little more . . ." he paused as he unbuttoned his shirt and searched for a word, " . . . sexy."

"Why not at all." She replied. "It is very, very warm in here, and me wearing this hot, winter silk negligee as well." She shrugged it off, but left her high heels on for the purposes of decorum.

"Now," he knelt before her and raised his tool in front of them both, expertly manoeuvring it into position. "Let me at it."

"That's it. Right there" She showed him. "Yes. There. Right in the alcove. That's it. Right there."

"Yes, I can see it because it is quite large, it being a washing machine."

True to his word, he was expertly quick, finishing rapidly and then holding up his tool wot was all covered in white residue.

"You see, the problem is you haven't been descaling it, and it's a bit like a kettle in that respect, so perhaps you should use Calgol

"That's really very efficient of you, and reasonably priced as well. Thank you very much,"

"You're welcome." He cleaned his tool on the bedroom curtains before making his way to the van, leaving another very satisfied customer in his wake.

A few days later they met in the street, swapped numbers and went on dates, which culminated in some satisfactory sexual intercourse and began a pleasant relationship that lasted for almost two years and ended relatively amicably.


Bloody funny, that. Nice to finish off with a bit of humour for a change. Thanks Jules


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Update from Paradise - part 7

Still finding it very strange living alone. It’s harder when I’m not busy and since I only work 10 hours per week I’m never exactly busy. Evenings are fine as I’m either singing or with the Warm Up gang. In fact lately I have finished singing and gone on to Warm Up and eventually getting home around 6 am. New found freedom has to be celebrated and enjoyed to the full. But I also know it’s a lifestyle I can’t maintain for long. Alcohol and late nights may be good props to help me through this phase but they are certainly not conducive with healthy living.

On Friday I met Paula for a coffee and chat and later we both joined auntie Linda for dinner. My aunt lives in the same block as me, in the floor below. Being the kind old soul that she is, auntie has already insisted I join her regularly for lunch, dinner and anything else I may need. She is concerned I’m not cooking at home and am on a junk food diet. She is right of course. Cooking for one is no fun.

Paula has also been very kind, trying to make me feel better by being available and always ready to listen to my woes. Thank you.

Friday night I finished my gig and headed down to FX to hear the last hour of Cool Feel Band. Linda and Frank from Northolt accompanied me down. They had been at Moynihan’s for my gig and decided they could do with more music and alcohol. Same mind-set as me. They headed home an hour later and I joined the table with the band members. Wine cheese and chatter for 2 more hours and then myself Vitor, Estenis, Carlos and Lisandra - the girl with the lovely voice and even lovelier eyes - went to The SR bar for more beer and chat. At 6 am we all headed home.

 Last night we all met at The Hole In One Pub around 9pm and then on to FX until 3 am. A quick visit to Marginal Disco followed and then home around 6ish.

I know this lifestyle will have to change as I will soon be busy during the days, but for now it is clearly a case of `burning the candle at both ends´.

Tonight is gig night at Moynihan’s followed by a jam session at The Warm Up. History repeating itself.

Meanwhile…on a personal front, feelings of contempt and anger keep turning into feelings of longing and back again. Not the kind of progression I want, but then I don't always get what I wan't.

And I don't always want what I get.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Update from Paradise - part 6

Moved into my new `batchellor pad´ yesterday and have settled in nicely. The apartment is in a great location in town, a minutes walk from Moynihan´s and The Warm Up! Only trouble is I used to spend a fair amount of time in both establishments already and now am likely to spend even more! Oh well, I can live with that.

My family came to my rescue with getting the apartment so quickly (actually within 12 hours of me asking) and I´m very grateful. A special thanks to bro´ who set the wheels in motion and sorted everything out, absolutely everything including moving all my stuff. I love you very much.

The next chapter in my ever-changing life has started.  I look forward to all that may be coming my way but also feel sad for what I have lost and left behind. 

A lot of the plans of the last 4 years have now been cancelled. The house in the country, the guest house, the pets, the March trip to Lisbon, the June trip to longer schedulled. That fills me with sadness.

There is irony in the title of this post, as you may have noticed already.  Irony in as much as it is almost impossible to see paradise through a veil of tears, loneliness, heartache and disappointment.

Paradise Lost... for the time being at least.

It is now time to rebuild and move on.  This time hopefully with more caution and less haste.

Easier said than done, in my case anyway.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Premature, immature, call it what you will

and the cracks started to show...
My previous post had me questioning my actions of going public on blogger with my personal affairs, but I have since reached the conclusion that it was the right thing to do. Well, the right thing by me anyway, and that´s what counts. I knew there was no way back for us two and could therefore  report unhindered.

I am so convinced of the benefits of going public that I will continue to report on this subject matter until I see fit to stop.

This evening on my way home, I saw `someone´ walk arm in arm with what appeared to be a new boyfriend and I confess to feeling more uncomfortable than I would have liked. It actually hurt me to the core, even though we split up some 2 weeks ago and reconciliation was not an option. I suspected and questioned recently if there was someone else on the scene because of her relaxed and accepting attitude to our split-up. Anyway, to me it´s a case of "jumping from the frying pan into the fire".

Speaking from personal experience, I think it´s a terrible idea.  I undertand that it makes it much easier to cope with a break-up when a replacement shoulder-to-cry-on is found, but such action restricts and confuses the natural healing/re-adjustment process.

Surely everyone knows that. It is plain old common sense. Or is it?

Four years ago I started dating `someone´ a month or so after breaking up with Sarah and have always regretted getting involved so soon. I believe to this day that I confused the warm feeling of comfort in someones arms with that of being in love. As a result, the new relationship started off on the wrong footing and, lets be honest, with the wrong person. It was an awkward, argumentative and volatile relationship that never got any easier. I´m amazed it lasted 4 years. That must be down to both of us being stubborn as mules. Everyone else could see then the obvious flaws with our partnership; everyone except me.

Experience comes with living, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. What `someone´ is doing now is what I once did and have lived to regret.  I guess `someone´ needs to learn from her own mistakes.

Cases like these convince me that experience beats youth, any day.

As Forrest once said and I quote "life´s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get..."


Sunday, 20 November 2011

A very public affair

Is publishing a diary-like blog a good or bad thing?

If it is good, why is it not recognized as a valid therapy?

If it is bad, should it not carry a health warning?

I am wrestling with this dilema and am afraid I may be airing my linen in public when it may be counter productive to do so. I refer specifically to my situation with Madeleine. I announced our split up on Blogger before telling anyone else!

I wanted to let the people I care about know, and those people read my blog.  A bit like sending a text message to multiple receivers, I was spared the hassle of repeating the same thing over and over again.

On Facebook I was more cautious and chose to drop a couple of subtle hints instead of making a full announcement. I don´t know why that should be; why I should differentiate between FB and Blogger, but I know I do. Or maybe it´s because a lot of FB friends are not real friends but acquaintances and friends of friends - people I would not normally confide in.

Should a blog be treated in the same way as we treat a best friend or relative?

We talk to friends about our problems and normally get some sort of uplifting feedback. Blogging produces a similar result if/when we get comments.

Blog friends are, to a degree, virtual. I can´t be sure those people I´ve come to like as friends actually do exist. They may even all be the same person with different pseudonyms.  A bit far fetched I know, but possible nonetheless.

Whether blog friends can be considered true friends or not is up for debate but I can´t see any good reason as to why not. I feel as if I know my blog pals quite well. At least as well as I know some real friends.

On blogland I enjoy reading about my friends exploits and daily struggles, such as:

Annah´s quest for famosity - Nessa´s DIY skills - Dickys ´Dirty Old Town´ of Farnborough - Dan´s trips down the dark alleys of St Kilda - Sharon´s Sleepless in Otford Nights - Baglady´s Nile adventure - Louis Wu´s attacks on the Tea Party - Cold´s Moscow Tales - Pearl´s kindness to Banjo players - Momma C´s book reviews and recipes and many many others (sorry for those who didn´t get a mention, I love u also) too numerous to mention.

Those people I consider to be friends even though we have never met.  As communication goes, the written word comes a close second to speech.

Going public - Is this what I´m doing?

Seems like the jury´s still out on this matter. Time will tell.

On a lighter note, I´d like to share a conversation with you I had with my uncle JS from London, yesterday morning. JS sent me the pic above from his iPhone.

JS:   Hey Joe Boy, how´s it goin´?
ME: OK... still in bed, late night last night...
JS:   I read your blog, about you and M
ME: Oh yeah, that... not very nice
JS:   Don´t worry Joe, plenty more fish in the sea!

JS´s intentions were to give me support and encouragement, I know, but being as curt as he is, it didn´t have the desired effect. JS is as blunt as a brick when it comes to sensitive matters but I know he means well.

Its all very well saying there´s plenty of fish in the sea, but how can I be sure my bait is as effective as it once was?

Maybe I should change bait if I want to catch a different kind of fish.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Warm Up

Here are some pics from The Warm Up Cafe as promised in a previous post.

These Facebook photos will  have to do for now until I remember to take the camera...if.

Not quite enough but it´s all I can do for now.  Also, it is the weekend and I don´t usually post at weekends.

Weekends are reserved for other activities such as socializing drinking and music.

Bye for now


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mental trauma or hangover?

The last few days have been strange. Surreal even. A giddy mix of highs and lows conducive with someone who suffers with bipolar disorder. Only trouble is I am not manic depressive.

(Disclaimer - I apologize for the dour and humourless content of today´s post. If you are in a  somber or suicidal mood I insist you click out of this page right now, but if you feel like empathizing with my condition, please read on and leave me some uplifting comments.I need them.)

The cause of my temporary state of mind is the acrimonious break up with Madeleine.

My partner-in-crime-of-four-years and I, have gone our separate ways.  It feels weird, unreal and extremely unpleasant.

Although I genuinely believe it is for the best and agree fully with our collective decision, it still hurts like mad. 

Our fraught-with-difficulties relationship, seems to have run out of steam and we both run out of energy to argue.

I can´t elaborate on personal matters for two main reasons: The first being respect for Madeleine´s privacy and secondly, my version of events would be biased and not entirely accurate. It would be of no use to anyone. There are three sides to every such story; his, hers and the truth.

In the last 18 months I have lost some of the most important people in my life. It is beginning to take its toll. Three life-changing events have taken away a lot of the happiness I once had. And I don´t like it one bit.

I know time is the great healer, but fresh wounds are being inflicted over older wounds that have not had time to heal.

Enough of this depressing subject. I will end this post with a known proverb - inverted, for obvious reasons.

´In front of every silver lining, there´s a dark cloud´


PS. I returned to The Warm Up Bar for another late jam session last night and once again forgot to take the camera. Duh!

PPS. And I have a blinding hangover as a result.

PPPS. And why not? I´m living the life of a single man. Wine, women and song, not necessarily in that order.

PPPPS. Don´t forget, all you lovely single ladies out there, to book your dates with me now. Don´t leave it too late to avoid disappointment :)  My diary is filling up fast!

PPPPPS. Nothing, I just like keeping the p key pppppppppp


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Update from Paradise - A night to remember

My Sunday night gig at Moynihan´s Bar started around 21:30, when I decided to start playing despite the fact there was only one table of three customers present. Just as I started to sing, one of the three asked the barman for the bill and I thought; that´s it - early night for me! No point playing if there are no cutomers. I don´t get paid handsomely to entertain the bar staff.

Just as my first song was coming to an end I noticed a group of four people come up the stairs and take the table right in front of the stage. By the time I finished the second song another 4 tables and at least 12 more people had arrived. The place was filling up steadily and I was in my element.

Some 10 minutes later my pal from London, Frank, who´s on a week´s holiday, arrived with some people.

A while later,Victor, a friend who is a singer with a local band, also turned up. I persuaded him to sing a couple of songs and the night really took off.

I love the adoration directed at me by the crowd when I´m giving a good performance. Priceless. Who doesn´t like to be liked?

By midnight, after two T Shirt changes and some 3000 calories lighter, I packed up the guitar and joined the revellers for a well deserved drink. My way of replenishing lost calories. The best way I know. If anyone knows a better, more enjoyable way please leave a comment below.

After a couple of cold pints of beer, a group of us went down the road to The Warm Up Bar, where, rumour had it, a jamming session was underway.

At Warm Up, the stage was set and the place packed with musicians and their friends. Brilliant atmosphere as we all started to take turns to play and sing.

Victor, Dennis, Nathan, Juan, Lisandra and myself sang and played until 4 am. Unexpected, unrehearsed and utterly fabulous; easily the best ever jam session I have been involved in.

I say a special thanks to Victor for his stunning stage presence and brilliant voice and also to beautiful Lisandra, who demontrates how kind nature can be to some people by giving them singing talent and physical beauty in unimaginable proportions.

I for one would have carried on had the bar owner decided to keep the place open. I believe so would all  the others. Pure enjoyment, playing and singing for no reward other than self gratification and sharing magical moments with friends.

Friends united by their interested in good music and having fun. Friends I will cherish for ever more.

Priceless experience. As the old saying goes, the best things in life are free.

I am so looking forward to the next session. And this time I will take pics to better share the experience with you.


Friday, 11 November 2011

100 words: 11/11/11

It´s just a date, like any other in the Gregorian Calendar. It´s also a mathematical gem; an easy date to remember.  The kind of date I like to use to stop something or maybe start something new.

Is there´s anything I can or should give up?

I don´t smoke (gave up 6 months ago).

I don´t do drugs or bite my nails.

I don´t drink excessively or pick my nose in public.

I don´t hurt people or steal candy from babies...

...there´s nothing to give up!

I´m almost perfect! I feel much better now.

How about starting something new?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Update from paradise 4

A walk down to The Forum last night resulted in M and I going to the cinema. We both agreed to see ´The Thing´ - as we had already seen most of the others on show.

As the title suggests, The Thing is a sci-fi movie about the discovery of an extra-terrestrial craft buried in the Antarctica ice.

Anything to do with Antarctica is interesting to me and I was keen to see this film, despite my reservation about the lack of known actors. Not always a good ´thing´ I find. Mind you, I´ve seen plenty of films with top actors that I wish I hadn´t but generally speaking the best actors have the pick of the scripts and usually star in the better films.

The Thing is a decent story with lots of snow and ice...and little else. It always amazes me why writers of this genre normally depict aliens in such grotesque ways. This particular case was disgustingly ugly; the alien looked like a giant crab with traces of human and insect parts. An interesting attribute of this thing was it´s ability to kill people, devour them and then replicate their bodies before hiding in them to come out at a later date.Some imagination, eh?  Oh pleeease sci-fi writers out there, can you stop taking those funny pink tablets when you´re writing?

If we ever encounter extra-terrestrials, I expect to see some beautiful, perfectly formed beings. After all they will be so much more advanced than us in order to get here that they are bound to be more beautiful and as close to perfection as is possible.

That´s about it. Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention Mary Elizabeth Winstead. How could I?  Mary is a beautiful actress with a convincing about-to-cry expression that will melt many a heart.
...MEW - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Friday, 4 November 2011

It´s not your tern

On a recent  fishing trip I noticed a young lad of about 14 who seemed more interested in using his catapult to shoot pebbles at a pair of arctic terns than concentrate on his fishing.  Needless to say, he wasn´t catching anything, and missing his targets for good measure.

I don´t like any kind of cruelty towards animals - or people for that matter, but sometimes, and I mean only sometimes (as in very infrequently) the swans deserve a good slap in the beak.

I don´t care if I get death threats from the loonies at PETA (and there are plenty of them around) or verbal abuse from any other animal welfare group.The truth is I don´t care much for swans. Having said that I would like to state for the record that I wouldn´t wish them any harm - but don´t tell the swans I´ve said it.

For those of you who don´t partake in the glorious sport of angling and have never spent a  whole day around a lake, I will explain the reason for my disenchantment with swans. Anyone into angling knows what I mean already.

Swans are big birds- some would say too fucking big. Why are they so big? There´s no real advantage for an aquatic bird to grow to the size of  a hippo! They need a longer stretch of water to take off and land than a jumbo jet needs tarmac.

Swans are arrogant, bullish and territorial. They have no regard whatsoever for us anglers, who incidentaly provide most of their food in the cold winters (sweet corn and bread). They have no regard for other lake dwellers either, such as coots, moorhens and even their cousins, the Mallards, whom they see off with a hiss and a wing-flap.

I have seen a swan swim right up to an anglers float, stop, look at it for a minute and then push the thing into the lilies with it´s huge paddle-feet, causing a major tangle. Moments later, the snoozing fisherman jumped out of his chair, grabbed the rod and reeled in like mad, thinking he got a bite.  I´m sure I heard the swan tut as it paddled away, wagging it´s tail like a dog who´s just seen it´s owner.

Another time  I was fishing and left my post to go to the toilet, when from half way around the lake I looked back and saw a swan dancing all over my bait trays, scattering maggots and groundbait all over the swim. I ran back, flailing my arms and shouting obsceneties, but the critter swam off before I could get back. To make matters worse, as I was picking up the mess I slipped and ended up knee-high in frozen muddy water.

What a bastard bird! And the worse thing about it is that swans don´t even eat maggots! It was just blatant swandalism.

But I digress, as usual. Back to the lad with the catapult.

After half an hour of this I´d had enough and decided to intervene. By that stage no tern had ben hit as far as I could see and the pair were happy to swoop over the lake and the lad´s head as if in defiance, every 5 minutes or so.

I told him to stop pestering the terns in case he hurts one of them and to concentrate on his fishing instead.

He smiled and replied;

"I´ve been told that to be a successful angler I mustn´t leave any tern unstoned"



Thursday, 3 November 2011

How to solve the world´s economic crisis

How ironic that wealthy Europe and the USA should be looking at China to help ease their financial burdens? Who would have thought it would ever come to this?

Apparently China is the only major economic power with spare cash - a surplus of many trillions of dollars. That´s a lot of dollars to have stashed away; no wonder the Americans are running short of them.

Let´s try to make sense of this situation.

China has the world´s fastest growing manufacturing base. True. China produces almost everything under the sun, such as pirate DVDs and CDs, cheap kitchen utensils and bird flu.

Is that it?  In a nutshell...erm...almost.

I can´t think of a single quality product that is manufactured in China.

Can you?

Let´s see:

Motor cars? No.
Buses and trucks? No.
Motorbikes and airplanes? No.
Clothing? No.
Furniture? No. 
Home electrics (Dish washers, washing machines and fridges) No.
Computers and IT? No...

...and so on.

What is the secret of their success?

Well let me tell you. China is the biggest producer of cheap bric-a-brac.

And not just China but all of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

The BRIC countries are the economic miracles of the day and between them nothing of real value is produced.

One man´s junk is another man´s treasure, some say.

To the current leaders at the G20 summit, I say;

Please encourage your peoples to produce counterfeit goods and cheap BRIC-a-brac if you want to prosper and keep up with the Wongses.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Strange Kind Of Faith

I feel an angry rant coming on as I always do when faced with any kind of injustice - be it perceived or real.

Did you know the Popemobile was fitted with 4-inch thick bullet-proof glass?

I didn´t either. What kind of faith is that?

This from the man whose  message to his 750 million followers is to put their faith in God! He clearly doesn´t and choses instead to put his faith in bullet-proof glass. Oh the hypocrisy of it all!

I´m sure the Pope has got an answer prepared, just in case we ever cross paths. He would probably come up with some ready-prepared cock-and-bull story on how he has to protect himself from Satan. Oh?!

Satan? The Devil? Does he mean the ´devil´ as in this other major cop-out invented by religions to cover all that goes wrong with the world?

Satan, as in the get-out clause; if it goes well it´s God´s work and when it doesn´t  it´s the Devils work. Surely if God was the Creator He must have created Satan! If He did who´s going to sue Him for that fuck-up?

Neat trick, but like every other trick to do with religion, not very clever.

I was going to nominate the Pope for the "Turd of the Week" award for his blatant act of hypocrisy but since it may offend some people (see note below)  I have decided to leave it for some other turd. There are many around.

(Note to Self: I hope people realize I don´t like to offend anyone. I never go out of my way to do so. Unless I´m provoked. As in this case.And in any other case to do with religion. Or capital punishment. Or racism-prejudism-sexism-agism and any other kind of ´ism  for that matter. Good, I hope that´s cleared it up)

J´ACCUSE...of not practicing what he preaches!

On a lighter note...still to do with faith (of the institution of marriage)...

...Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce.

It appears the 72 day  marriage of Kim and Kris is over. Kim released a press statement which said;

"After careful consideration  I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision."

72 days is a life-time for the fickle-minded celebs
 Of course not Kim, it took you 72 whole days! No one can ever accuse you of acting hastily...or just acting, for that matter.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Enough to make you lose your head

Reading the news this morning I came across an article that nearly ruined my day. I say nearly because I´ve long given up trying to understand some cultures and so don´t get as upset as I used to.

It read;  "Man beheaded in Saudi Arabia for being a sorcerer"

A country whose favourite (some say only) past time is public capital punishment, Saudi Arabia, fatherland of the late Osama Bin Laden, has gone a step further in alienating itself from the world community by beheading a man accused of sorcery.

The victim was hauled to a public car park where his head was chopped off in front of dozens of onlookers.

What kind of people want to witness such a cruel act?

(Note to self: I´ll never will set foot in countries that have the death penalty. Good job its only a minority.)

The man is understood to have been arrested after he was entrapped by the MutawaƩen (religious police).

He was asked to concoct a spell to cause an officer´s father to leave his second wife!?!?

Yes, I´m as confused as you, but there´s more...

...when Abdul Hamid agreed to do so for a fee of approximately £1000, he was sentenced to death by a secret court without being allowed a lawyer.

Despite several pleas by Amnesty International to King Abdullah to call off the beheading, the execution went ahead as planned.

That the poor man should be sentenced to death without committing anything that would appear to constitute a crime makes this case even more disgusting and barbaric than most- if that´s at all possible.

Witch hunting used to take place in Europe too - albeit in the  dark ages. Luckily for us we´ve moved on a few centuries. Sadly  the Sharia Law countries haven´t and never will, while shackled to religion.


On a lighter note...

...I was saddened to read about the late Steve Jobs last words as reported by his sister Mona. She said and I quote;

"He looked at his wife, his children at myself and then above us and uttered the words ´ Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow´ "

Poor old Steve had been immersed for so long in his work that he´d never seen his close family in the same place at the same time. At least thats what I think...or maybe... he was thinking about the latest Samsung Galaxy.