Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mental trauma or hangover?

The last few days have been strange. Surreal even. A giddy mix of highs and lows conducive with someone who suffers with bipolar disorder. Only trouble is I am not manic depressive.

(Disclaimer - I apologize for the dour and humourless content of today´s post. If you are in a  somber or suicidal mood I insist you click out of this page right now, but if you feel like empathizing with my condition, please read on and leave me some uplifting comments.I need them.)

The cause of my temporary state of mind is the acrimonious break up with Madeleine.

My partner-in-crime-of-four-years and I, have gone our separate ways.  It feels weird, unreal and extremely unpleasant.

Although I genuinely believe it is for the best and agree fully with our collective decision, it still hurts like mad. 

Our fraught-with-difficulties relationship, seems to have run out of steam and we both run out of energy to argue.

I can´t elaborate on personal matters for two main reasons: The first being respect for Madeleine´s privacy and secondly, my version of events would be biased and not entirely accurate. It would be of no use to anyone. There are three sides to every such story; his, hers and the truth.

In the last 18 months I have lost some of the most important people in my life. It is beginning to take its toll. Three life-changing events have taken away a lot of the happiness I once had. And I don´t like it one bit.

I know time is the great healer, but fresh wounds are being inflicted over older wounds that have not had time to heal.

Enough of this depressing subject. I will end this post with a known proverb - inverted, for obvious reasons.

´In front of every silver lining, there´s a dark cloud´


PS. I returned to The Warm Up Bar for another late jam session last night and once again forgot to take the camera. Duh!

PPS. And I have a blinding hangover as a result.

PPPS. And why not? I´m living the life of a single man. Wine, women and song, not necessarily in that order.

PPPPS. Don´t forget, all you lovely single ladies out there, to book your dates with me now. Don´t leave it too late to avoid disappointment :)  My diary is filling up fast!

PPPPPS. Nothing, I just like keeping the p key pppppppppp



  1. I came for a visit because I saw your comment on Pearl's blog. So sorry you're sad. Hope you find your way to the other side of that black cloud soon. A visit to my blog today might make you smile, a little.

  2. Thank you Eva for your kind words. I will check out your blog

  3. Hey Joe, sorry to hear you're feeling down. As you know, I believe blogging about these things can help. I love some of the things you have put in this post; three stories, his hers and the truth; I've never heard that phrase before. And the cloud with the silver lining.

    As for a good looking chap like yourself, a musician as well; can't see you being single for too long. Have a good weekend and I hope you feel better soon.

    Ps. Photos yes please!

  4. Awww, I am sorry things have gone awry. I wish you the best and send many hugs. I know you have had some rough roads...really stinks when life goes all bumpy and shit. Keep jammin' it will help you survive it. XXX

  5. Thank you Dicky for your empathy and very kind words. As for being single, how long is too long? I´m beginning to worry as it´s been 4 days already! I hope I don´t have to wait another 4 days! Could never cope with that!

    A bit of humour goes a long way when the chips are down ;)

  6. Hi Momma, thank you. You´re right about keeping on jammin´- definitely the best medicine. I´ll be back on track in no time, I´m sure :)

  7. Save ourselves from the effects of hangover by having self-discipline within ourselves. With those who are already under deep influence of alcoholic beverages I think they should undergo alcohol training course for them to know the side effects of too much drinking.

  8. Is that what you think Dave? Really?

    If you had bothered to read more of my posts instead of advertising you would realize I have never had a drink problem - or any other addiction for that matter. Please don't be offended but I DETEST unsolicited advice from do-gooders with hidden agendas.