Friday, 11 November 2011

100 words: 11/11/11

It´s just a date, like any other in the Gregorian Calendar. It´s also a mathematical gem; an easy date to remember.  The kind of date I like to use to stop something or maybe start something new.

Is there´s anything I can or should give up?

I don´t smoke (gave up 6 months ago).

I don´t do drugs or bite my nails.

I don´t drink excessively or pick my nose in public.

I don´t hurt people or steal candy from babies...

...there´s nothing to give up!

I´m almost perfect! I feel much better now.

How about starting something new?


  1. I may have to give up being a grumpy git. Nice 100 words Joe.

  2. Dicky, you´ve just reminded me! I forgot to mention my only imperfection!! :)

  3. Nice 100! Every time somebody claims they've quit smoking, I want to organize a parade in their honor. Seriously.
    And why don't you steal candy from babies? They don't really need it, you know. It's unhealthy stuff. You'd actually be doing them a favor. Maybe you should start.

  4. Nessa: I will from now on. You´re right, they don´t need it.
    Thanks for the comment