Sunday, 27 November 2011

Update from Paradise - part 7

Still finding it very strange living alone. It’s harder when I’m not busy and since I only work 10 hours per week I’m never exactly busy. Evenings are fine as I’m either singing or with the Warm Up gang. In fact lately I have finished singing and gone on to Warm Up and eventually getting home around 6 am. New found freedom has to be celebrated and enjoyed to the full. But I also know it’s a lifestyle I can’t maintain for long. Alcohol and late nights may be good props to help me through this phase but they are certainly not conducive with healthy living.

On Friday I met Paula for a coffee and chat and later we both joined auntie Linda for dinner. My aunt lives in the same block as me, in the floor below. Being the kind old soul that she is, auntie has already insisted I join her regularly for lunch, dinner and anything else I may need. She is concerned I’m not cooking at home and am on a junk food diet. She is right of course. Cooking for one is no fun.

Paula has also been very kind, trying to make me feel better by being available and always ready to listen to my woes. Thank you.

Friday night I finished my gig and headed down to FX to hear the last hour of Cool Feel Band. Linda and Frank from Northolt accompanied me down. They had been at Moynihan’s for my gig and decided they could do with more music and alcohol. Same mind-set as me. They headed home an hour later and I joined the table with the band members. Wine cheese and chatter for 2 more hours and then myself Vitor, Estenis, Carlos and Lisandra - the girl with the lovely voice and even lovelier eyes - went to The SR bar for more beer and chat. At 6 am we all headed home.

 Last night we all met at The Hole In One Pub around 9pm and then on to FX until 3 am. A quick visit to Marginal Disco followed and then home around 6ish.

I know this lifestyle will have to change as I will soon be busy during the days, but for now it is clearly a case of `burning the candle at both ends´.

Tonight is gig night at Moynihan’s followed by a jam session at The Warm Up. History repeating itself.

Meanwhile…on a personal front, feelings of contempt and anger keep turning into feelings of longing and back again. Not the kind of progression I want, but then I don't always get what I wan't.

And I don't always want what I get.



  1. It sounds like you are letting off some steam at the moment with all your late nights. I wouldn't worry too much about it as it can do us good when times have been tough (which they have been recently for you). I say have fun while you can :)

  2. Hope you're OK hun!! Just remember the wise words of Dorey from Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming!" :)

  3. Dicky: Yeah, that´s right. I think its all therapeutic...for now. Thanks for your comment.

    Baxie: Lovely words and so very appropriate. Thanks :)