Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Update from paradise 4

A walk down to The Forum last night resulted in M and I going to the cinema. We both agreed to see ´The Thing´ - as we had already seen most of the others on show.

As the title suggests, The Thing is a sci-fi movie about the discovery of an extra-terrestrial craft buried in the Antarctica ice.

Anything to do with Antarctica is interesting to me and I was keen to see this film, despite my reservation about the lack of known actors. Not always a good ´thing´ I find. Mind you, I´ve seen plenty of films with top actors that I wish I hadn´t but generally speaking the best actors have the pick of the scripts and usually star in the better films.

The Thing is a decent story with lots of snow and ice...and little else. It always amazes me why writers of this genre normally depict aliens in such grotesque ways. This particular case was disgustingly ugly; the alien looked like a giant crab with traces of human and insect parts. An interesting attribute of this thing was it´s ability to kill people, devour them and then replicate their bodies before hiding in them to come out at a later date.Some imagination, eh?  Oh pleeease sci-fi writers out there, can you stop taking those funny pink tablets when you´re writing?

If we ever encounter extra-terrestrials, I expect to see some beautiful, perfectly formed beings. After all they will be so much more advanced than us in order to get here that they are bound to be more beautiful and as close to perfection as is possible.

That´s about it. Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention Mary Elizabeth Winstead. How could I?  Mary is a beautiful actress with a convincing about-to-cry expression that will melt many a heart.
...MEW - Mary Elizabeth Winstead


  1. I can't argue with your comment about Mary. The original Thing; with Kurt Russell was a classic and should never have been remade.

  2. Hi Dicky, I wasn´t aware this was a remake! Not much of a film buff,me.

  3. the thing with kurt russell (directed by john carpenter) was actually a remake itself- of a 1951 howard hawks film. i remember the kurt russell one well because it really scared the crap out of me when i was a little girl. i was avoiding seeing this one, looks like i made the right decision!

  4. Id: Thanks for the info and for your comment

  5. Oh I saw that one with Kurt Russell. But it was at a time in my life when I was watching horror film after horror film after horror film. I think I'd decided I'd wasted my money.
    That picture is disturbing. What's that sack hanging down between its legs? That seems sort of...naughty.

  6. Nessa: Only the writer/creator would know what the sack´s all about :) Do you see what I mean about these people being on drugs?