Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Update from Paradise - A night to remember

My Sunday night gig at Moynihan´s Bar started around 21:30, when I decided to start playing despite the fact there was only one table of three customers present. Just as I started to sing, one of the three asked the barman for the bill and I thought; that´s it - early night for me! No point playing if there are no cutomers. I don´t get paid handsomely to entertain the bar staff.

Just as my first song was coming to an end I noticed a group of four people come up the stairs and take the table right in front of the stage. By the time I finished the second song another 4 tables and at least 12 more people had arrived. The place was filling up steadily and I was in my element.

Some 10 minutes later my pal from London, Frank, who´s on a week´s holiday, arrived with some people.

A while later,Victor, a friend who is a singer with a local band, also turned up. I persuaded him to sing a couple of songs and the night really took off.

I love the adoration directed at me by the crowd when I´m giving a good performance. Priceless. Who doesn´t like to be liked?

By midnight, after two T Shirt changes and some 3000 calories lighter, I packed up the guitar and joined the revellers for a well deserved drink. My way of replenishing lost calories. The best way I know. If anyone knows a better, more enjoyable way please leave a comment below.

After a couple of cold pints of beer, a group of us went down the road to The Warm Up Bar, where, rumour had it, a jamming session was underway.

At Warm Up, the stage was set and the place packed with musicians and their friends. Brilliant atmosphere as we all started to take turns to play and sing.

Victor, Dennis, Nathan, Juan, Lisandra and myself sang and played until 4 am. Unexpected, unrehearsed and utterly fabulous; easily the best ever jam session I have been involved in.

I say a special thanks to Victor for his stunning stage presence and brilliant voice and also to beautiful Lisandra, who demontrates how kind nature can be to some people by giving them singing talent and physical beauty in unimaginable proportions.

I for one would have carried on had the bar owner decided to keep the place open. I believe so would all  the others. Pure enjoyment, playing and singing for no reward other than self gratification and sharing magical moments with friends.

Friends united by their interested in good music and having fun. Friends I will cherish for ever more.

Priceless experience. As the old saying goes, the best things in life are free.

I am so looking forward to the next session. And this time I will take pics to better share the experience with you.



  1. A great tale Joe. I can imagine that its a very good feeling having people watch, and enjoy your music. What sort of stuff do you play?

  2. All kinds of stuff Dicky, from Cat Stevens to Snow Patrol, past and present, i like all kinds of music. Have written many of my own but never made it to the charts. Still love it though, especially here in Madeira. I´m at Moynihan´s tonight and will pop down to Warm Up after hopefully for another late session :) It´s a tough life but someone´s got to do it ;)

  3. That sounds like a great night. :-)