Monday, 10 January 2011

Elton John's "Circle of Life"

Elton and spouse announce latest purchase

Sir Elton John recently announced the acquisition of his latest toy. No, it's not the kind of toy one would expect for a  flamboyant super star to satisfy his indulgence; it's not a Rolls Royce or private jet, helicopter or no, it's a baby ! A real live baby!

How can any woman get pregnant, endure the full term and painful labour, and then sell  her baby immediately after birth?  And I can't understand how any man can "buy" a baby!

There are many aspects of human behaviour I can't understand, one of them being the notion that everything has a price and is for sale.

I can only imagine the unpleasant remarks the child will undoubtedly hear throughout his life such as "you were bought" and "which one is your mum?" and  "your mum swapped you for money"

We all know how cruel some school children can be when they find out some one else´s weaknesses and differences.

How will Elton explain this bizarre situation to "his" son?

And why is this sordid business allowed to take place in the first place? Are the powers that be taking into consideration "children´s rights"?

If gay couples wish to adopt, are they thinking about the child´s welfare fully?

Are there any children out there who would rather be adopted by same sex couples than by the traditional mum dad couples?
Should we not embark on a fostering program first? A sort of trial run with psychological assessments after 5 or 10 years? If it all works out to the child´s benefit, then, and only then, adoption could be considered. It´s like a race for political correctness gone wrong, this gay adoption thing.
And why do some egotistical and self-indulgent  celebrities think they can buy anything they want?

As Johnny Nash once said; "There are more questions than answers"


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