Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ideas to change the world...

I’ve just had a couple of  ideas, and the first one could help all the postal workers in the world!

It’s simple, granted, but I think it could save millions and improve productivity in a stroke! I think I’ll take out a patent just in case.

Anyway, I refer to the way envelopes are addressed.

That practice has always been done wrong the world over - why? It’s always been done in reverse, upside down so to speak. Postal workers have had to read the last line of the address first and then work their way up from there! How ridiculous!

This is how it should be done;

The other idea is based on another thing that puzzles me. Why do we all read out phone numbers in a child-like manner, as in for instance, the following number, 7589 2201606

Seven five-eight nine-twenty two-zero one-six zero six?

What’s all that about? Why can’t we read out the number properly like;

Seventy five billion, eight hundred and ninety two million, two hundred and one thousand, six hundred and six?

That’s how we all learnt it at school! ummm...? It is actually longer this way, twice as long in fact! That's a mathematical problem, twice as many letters to describe the same number! How cool is that?

OK then, maybe just the first idea.

Just a thought… that's all...I really must find something more productive to do with my time :s ...(rambling on and on...the early signs of madness)