Thursday, 5 August 2010

Amish...are they for real?

Did anyone watch "The World's Squarest Teenagers" on Channel 4? Quite interesting. It is the story of 5 Amish youngsters from the American mid-west, on a cultural exchange trip to London, where they will stay with different families, from the rich suburban type to poor inner city working class.
It is interesting to hear these teenagers views on life. Interesting and inconceivable that they, who have led a sheltered life, completely away from television, press, books and all outside influence, can and do pass judgement on other people's beliefs and way of life. The Amish do not play musical instruments and only sing to praise the Lord. They do not dance or drink alcohol or date or kiss before marriage. In fact they don't do much at all apart from reading the Bible over and over again. Life is seen as just a short trip towards the eternal after-life. What if there is no after life? Don't they ever worry in case things don't go to plan?
The girl seen in the above photo (second from left) asked one of her British friends, a Muslim, if she believed in Jesus. The Muslim girl politely replied that she believes in God, Allah in Arabic, the same God as the Christians, but not in Jesus as the son of God. According to the Muslim scriptures Jesus was a prophet, just like Moses, Muhammad and many others.
The Amish girl was shocked by this (most sensible) reply, and was then heard saying that her friend had succumbed to the work of the devil !?!?!
Reality TV is 'scraping the bottom of the barrel' for ideas to entertain us. From the dreadful, shallow, offensive, abusive "Toddlers & Tiaras" to the brain-dead "World's Squarest Teenagers"... it doesn't bode well for the future of TV entertainment, does it?
Just as well we all have the Internet and Blogs to keep us going :)
My next post will be about an important issue...I promise... getting tired of having a go at religion.


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