Sunday, 5 June 2011

15 months 15 posts

It's been 15 months since I started blogging! It  started out as a bit of fun; venting  my anger at injustice and ignorance with a smattering of comedy and random observations thrown in for good measure. It has gone on and developed into a kind of diary-keeping, something  I had never bothered with before.

I have now reached the stage when thinking about the next post is an everyday occurrence. At times it is a compulsive obsession I could do without, but overall I'm happy to keep on posting (I've always been a chatterbox).

It has at times been frustrating, when my mind has been empty and incapable of conjuring up material worth writing about.

But most of all I have enjoyed  the comments from strangers, some of whom I now consider as friends. I find the interaction with other bloggers interesting and rewarding.

I am however confused with the blogger list of my "popular posts". It doesn't make sense as it hardly features any of what I consider to be my best posts?!

No point trying to understand it, so I'll take this opportunity to list my favourite 15 posts from the last 15 months for the benefit of any new reader that may stumble across Bits & Pieces.

I'll meet you on the other side
Still pulling in the crowds
Paulo - In loving memory
"TIME" to stop the abuse
Can Autumn last forever?
A night to remember
All world religions should be banned...
Laughing pains - part 2
Pig? Thanks but no thanks
Laughing pains
But my mind is free
When justice is tainted by revenge...
9/11 - Where was He?
Human rights...and wrongs- Part 2
I'm a celebrity - get me a presidency, or a brain


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