Friday, 23 July 2010

human rights...and wrongs - Part II

On my blog entry of 11/05/2010, "human rights and wrongs",I wrote about the subject of "gay adoption" and mentioned my concerns for the children involved. I urged caution and a fostering system first, followed by assessments, before allowing full adoption. After watching the TV documentary "My Weird & Wonderful Family", aired a few nights ago, about 2 gay men (millionaires) from Essex, who have, by means of surrogate parenting, "obtained" 5 children, I am more concerned than ever!

I say "obtained" for obvious reasons. They had to travel to California, for legal reasons, to choose a surrogate mum. Once chosen and the $50,000 fee paid, the woman's ova were fertilized by the "daddy's" sperm. End result= 5 babies bought by 2 wealthy gay men!

Dad and Daddy seem like a nice couple, devoted to their children, but,.. sadly missing the point. The daughter is being brought up by two dads and surrounded by four brothers. She is obese and to me,looks bewildered. She has asked to meet her biological mother but that request has been declined by the "mum", who has since sold countless other babies .

What must this girl think of women? Will she grow up to think women are "unnecessary" , a "commodity" who sometimes have babies only so as to sell them on?

Her "mother" created her for money and now refuses to see her!!! Tragic situation as far as I am concerned.

If "Dad and Daddy" felt such desire to have children, why not try to adopt the ones already here who need a home? Why create new ones, who, by no fault of their own, will never meet their real mums?

Almost all of the people I have ever met through life , be they boys or girls, feel a stronger affinity to their mums than they do their dads. Most of society, including the judiciary system, realises that young children are better off with their mothers. It's a shame "dad and daddy" from Essex don't seem to agree and instead seem to believe that money can buy them whatever they want.
I hope it all turns out OK for the children...but I have my doubts... only time will tell


  1. Whoa. That's crazy. Will the girl ever find out that she was bought? That her dads value her life at 50k?

    I hope the children's lives will turn up okay...

  2. Yeah Parisa, I hope so too. It's not the childrens fault