Tuesday, 27 July 2010

money money money

Money is a tool, like all other tools, designed to facilitate and enhance our lives. It is the most desirable tool of all ! Money is not a commodity that will run out eventually, for as long as someone somewhere is selling a product or service, new money will be made. Like the universe, it is infinite...there is enough for everyone and the more people have it the more others will benefit from it. It can't buy everything, of course, as not everything is for sale - but when it is not available it leaves a void in our lives that seems almost impossible to fill.

Almost impossible...unless we concentrate on the most precious things we have, like family, friends, our ability to walk, to see the wonderful sights around us, to smell the morning dew in springtime, to meet a friend for a drink and chat, to wake up in a warm sunny morning...and to think that all these things are FREE...
Life is truly wonderful :)

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