Friday, 30 July 2010

A Self-Help Masterpiece (at last !)

The best self-help book I have read - and
in my opinion, the only one worth reading

I have read many books on self-help through the years, and have mostly been left disappointed. Unlike published psychology, most self-help books are not written by the real 'masters' of the trade but merely people who can write, are already successful and wrongly believe they know what makes humanity tick . Some give advice that would make any psychologist worth his salt recoil with shock!

I refer specifically to the books urging people to "imagine being rich and successful and it will eventually happen" nonsense. If all it takes to be successful is to constantly imagine yourself in a wealthy/healthy scenario, then there would be no poverty in the world! As Richard Wiseman points out in his brilliant book ":59 seconds" , that kind advice can bring on more misery than riches. It causes instant well-being, granted, but places the person in an unrealistic world, unprepared for the pitfalls we all know are very much part of everyday life.

Anyone out there who wants a 'pick-me up' read should get a copy of this book, clear out their mind of past advice and enjoy a real good book based on research by hundreds of experts through the ages and compiled by a no-nonsense British authority in psychology, Professor Richard Wiseman.

Happy reading friends and may you all find the happiness you deserve :)

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