Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cheating on "cheating survey"...

Let's get one thing straight, I don't often read women's magazines but this weeks issue of "More!" got the better of my curiosity. The attention grabbing headline reads "How Often Do Men Really Cheat?"

Well, I should have known better than expect anything sensible from this kind of magazine and now know better (or do I?). It reports a survey carried out with 500 men and 500 women and this is where it got confusing.

When asked "When is it OK to cheat?" 70%" of women said 'never' - and almost all men said there are "justifications to cheat like - being mistreated by their partner, or "long-distance relationships, etc etc". Expected response I think.

Also 90% of women said men are more likely to cheat than women and 70% of men agreed! Again no real surprise!

All OK so far but the next question stumped me.

It was the "How often have you cheated?" 50% of women said 'never' and 55% of men said 'never' ....................???????? So, more women than men cheat?????

I got it !!! More women than men "cheated" with their replies! (now I'm really confused) ?!?!?!

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