Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Will Giggs GAGa the press?

My tendency to 'celebrity bash' has been losing impetus lately, I must be getting soft - but after today's news that Lady Gaga is learning sign language in order to communicate with her deaf fans, I've got the urge to 'bash away' again.

Has Lady Gaga got deaf fans? Why? They can't hear her! Maybe she considers herself to be such a visual treat that even deaf people follow her. Call me sceptic if you like but I detect an ulterior motive...

a display for the hard-of-hearing?
 ...maybe not.

Will Lady Gaga write some good songs next, for the benefit of the blind?

I doubt it 


Oh yes, and how about footballer Ryan Giggs' attempt to keep news of his cheating with his sister-in-law, away from the media? He failed, thanks to Twitter! Good, I say.

He's got a fucking cheek! Banging his brother's missus for eight years, betraying his wife and of course his own brother, and thinks he could keep it under wraps with a court order? WTF?  The arrogance of the man makes me want to puke.


May as well end this story with a joke.

Giggs and his brother went into a pub - the barman asked what they want and Giggs replied  "I'll have what he's having"


Wayne Rooney, the rottweiler of the`Premier League, has had a hair transplant. Why?

I say 'put make-up on a pig but it's still a pig'. Why does he want to look younger anyway? I thought he was into the old look, considering he cheated on his pretty young wife with a 58 year old hooker.

 The mind truly boggles!


And finally, after months and many thousands of man-hours spent planning the recent Fairy-Tale Royal Wedding, the result speaks for itself...

(pictures 1 and 3 courtesy of The Daily Mail)



  1. I about spewed my wine laughing! You hit so many nails on the head in this post! I have missed your round about way of getting to the point! LOL! That last pic made the rounds on Facebook right after the wedding, but it is still as funny today as it was when I first saw it! Thank you for a good laugh, as always!

  2. Thanks Momma, glad you enjoy it