Sunday, 19 June 2011

Why do they speak for us?

They're everywhere, the so called experts who queue up at every tv channel, magazine and newspaper to speak for us. To enlighten us with their new-found knowledge on human behaviour and emotional needs. Agony aunts, therapists and modern-day shamens earn their living advising us mere mortals on how to improve our lives, health and even behaviour!
Moreoften than not, we are bombarded with advice on intimate matters from the opposite sex and that always amuses me. While sitting on the loo I started to read one of M's mags (I confess to reading anything while on the throne, I can't go otherwise) and an article caught my attention. It was titled 'what men want in bed' by the mag's editor, and yes, you guessed right, a woman. In fairness to her professionalism, she asked a handful of men to answer a series of questions on the topic and then reported accordingly. I won't bore you with details (phew!) but how naive to assume guys will speak openly to a stranger on what rocks their boats! ..
I've been a guy all my life, so far anyway, and know only too well how coy we are when asked intimate questions. We simply detest being asked and will often give as few details as possible. Men are the opposite to women in more ways than one, as you all know, and especially so when it comes to sex. Women will speak freely - women like talking, so I'm told - but not us boys.
For a start most of us believe in the old saying 'gentlemen don't talk' about their exploits, even less about their desires, so I was not surprised to read the answers clearly prepared to impress the questioner without compromising discretion.
Conclusion; the readers will not benefit in any way and certainly will remain in the dark, while the 'expert' gets paid for the useless contribution to human enlightenment.
Three pages of a world-famous girl mag wasted with useless info, but, at least the headline grabbed my attention. Maybe, just maybe, I'm the one who is naive for assuming such advice is anything more than a headline.
On to more serious matters, I am computerless once again, hence my lack of posts. Conveniently it coincides with a spell of writers block.
'nuff said

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