Friday, 3 June 2011

London calling

Last Sunday I visited the British Museum for the first time. Yes, the very first time!

I'm into history, have lived in London most of my life, yet had never visited the BM.

I'm glad I'm now doing the tourist rounds, showing Madeleine what a great city London is.

 Here's me, happy to visit the British Museum

No, really, it was very interesting (despite the grumpy expression) to see the vast collection of artifacts on display. Four thousand years of human history all in one morning's visit...and all the Egyptian mummies...ew

The dessicated remains of a man who died 
3000 years ago in the Egyptian desert

... and then there was the  trip to the fabulously trendy Camden Market.  If you're ever in need of clothes that make a statement, Camden Market is the place for you. I'll return when finances allow for a mega shopping spree.

My next day off work will no doubt be spent checking out some other tourist attractions,  unless the weather is hot enough for a trip to the coast. Roll on summer


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